Yayy! iPhone Unveiled Its News Variants- XS, XS Max, XR and Watch Series 4

The wait is finally over! One of the biggest companies in the world of technology, the giant Apple Inc has launched the three new versions of iPhone i.e. XS, XS Max and XR. The launch event was on Wednesday where a new Apple Watch Series 4 was also unveiled.


Telling you about the features of these iPhone variants, I will start with the features first.

The new iPhone XS and XS Max will come in three variants — 64GB, 256GB and 512GB while XR will have 64GB, 128GB and 256GB variants. While the display of iPhone XS is 5.8-inch, the display of XS Max is 6.5-inch and the display of XR is 6.1-inch.

For the first time, the new iPhone XS and XS Max will have a dual-SIM feature, which has been included as part of Apple’s objective to cater to emerging iPhone markets like India and others.

The pre-order of iPhone XS and XS Max will start from September 14 and the pre-order of XR will begin from October 26. IPhone XS and XS Max will cost $999 and $1099 depending on the variant while XR will cost $ 749.


Above all this, the Apple Watch Series the new dual-core 64-bit S4 processor is custom designed and the makers claim two times better performance than the previous model. The LTE red dot indicator is now a ring and the speaker has also been improved. The rear of the watch is now black ceramic with sapphire crystal. The Watch has a battery life of 18 hours per day.

The price of Apple Watch Series is as follows:

Apple Watch Series 4 price will be starting at $399 with GPS feature. The one with LTE variant will cost at $499. While Apple Watch Series 3 will now be available at $279. The new Apple WatchOS 5 will be coming on September 17. It will be available for pre-orders from September 14 i.e Friday.

According to the company, the three new iPhone variants will sport Apple’s A 12 Bionic processor is the fastest processor Apple has ever made.

Other features of all the three new iPhones will have better gaming, battery experience and camera experience. The new phones will have lots of quality, feature and performance improvements including increased speed up to 2x. It also has intensively focused on AR (Augmented Reality) which will give users a better experience. 

For all the iPhone lovers, the new Face ID will be better than before. For a better camera experience, all the 3 new iPhones will have a feature where the users will be able to adjust dept-field of photos after taking them by going to the edit mode option. Apple said that the new iPhones have been designed to give its fans, users across the world the best iPhone experience ever as iPhone is the No. 1 smartphone in the world with 97% customer satisfaction.

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