Wrap Your Head With These Colourful Turbans

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If your answer is “YES”, read about one of the latest fashion trends of 2019 which is ‘Turban Head wrap”. These head wraps can be worn in various ways as per your choice. But before I start, I would like you to know about how this accessory became an Instagram sensation.

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Well, when you think of turbans the first thing that hit your mind is the Sikh Men. You may know that turbans are a part of Sikhism religion in India. But do you know that it is not the only religion where Turbans can be worn. In the South Asian and South African countries, even women wear the turbans and therefore the turbans are very common there.

Now do you know that how come turbans are turning into a fashion trend?

Ladies! I am sure you have a huge collection of accessories in your wardrobe. I too am very fond of those pom-poms and especially anything with fringes. Recently, I was travelling to Dubai and at the airport I saw a group of young African ladies wearing beautiful and colorful turbans. This accessory actually fascinated me so much that I bought a funky head wrap for myself as well.

But when I wrapped up a turban for the first time, I ended with a bow that’s too big and eventually looked like Minnie Mouse. It took me just a couple of days to get the turban wrapping right after that.

There’s one more month left for the winters and you still have time to accessorize our look more in a better way. Turban is one such accessory that can add glam to your look and also protects you from this chilling cold.

Look smashing with this Headband accessory!

You can wear turban in numerous ways and walk like a DIVA. But before that you need to know how to choose a perfect material for a turban head wrap. A well chosen and expertly tied turban elevates every look can be team up with a pair of casual tee and torn jeans. A dainty head wrap requires a slim but long piece of flowy fabric. For an outrageous bow, get a wider and stiffer piece of fabric.  

Make your outfit even more outstanding with a ‘Turban’!

Also you can hide those bad hair days with these sassy yet funky turbans. Turbans are great for most occasions! They are also great for dressing up with a simple outfit and to increase the oomph factor of any of your outfit.

For the first timers I would suggest to do some research. Stand in front of the mirror and then try different styles. But most importantly, know your face shape as not every turban will look good on you. It has to suit your face. For example- Girls with round face can go for a big central bow.

Recently, on the music launch event of “Gully Boy”, bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin was spotted wearing a picked shiny metallic separates from Deme by Gabriella, statement jewellery from Outhouse and leopard print heels from Zara. Completing her entire look, the actress wore a scarf from Zara in a knotted turban form. Kalki looked absolutely stunning as she gave us the cool-kid vibe.

Last but not the least, don't be afraid to step out of your house with full of confidence.


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