Wedding Food Trends That Are Getting Popular!

There are new delicious catering trends in the wedding world to sink your teeth into. The couples aren't afraid to spend money on catering and are looking for ways to personalize their day and excite guests through food and drink. In quite few months the wedding season will commence and admit it or not most of us go to weddings just for the food over there!

Now Indian weddings are experiencing a new and unique variety of food options from which we get to choose among various available options.

You’ll get to see numerous unique wedding food trends popularizing in big fat Indian weddings, out of which, we’ve mentioned a few below!

I have personally experienced these wedding food trends. So here is what's on the menu this wedding season.

Food Sticks-

Have you ever seen a stick of waffle at any Indian wedding? The answer might be a no. But it is a new trend that wedding caterers are getting more and more creative. It’s now time to ditch the plates and forks. Who would not love this new style of serving food?

You can just stand and have these food items on sticks and just enjoy!  They are not only quite unique in look but also very convenient. This hassle-free food serving trend is earning popularity very soon, and for all the correct reasons. Name any of the food items like Waffles, Pizzas, you name it – and food caterers will get it for you on the stick!

Live Food Counters-

It’s now time to enjoy watching your food being cooked. Live counters are one of the best examples of this. It will be a great experience for those who love food and it’s even better during winter weddings!

Just imagine, getting your food cooked and then being served to you hot and fresh! From paneer tikkas, live pasta to barbecues, you can ask the cooks to customize it according to your preference. Bid a good bye to the boring buffets and switch to live food counters!

Be Your Own Cook-

It is one of the interesting trends among all. Bring out the master chef inside you at the basic of these D.I.Y. food stalls. Indian weddings are experiencing the boom of this food trend. Either it is salad bar or dessert, do everything by yourself. Make your own salad stalls where you can add as much cheese dressing as you want and still be proud because you ate salad! *wink*

You can also use your skills here to shut the fat aunties that tell you that no one will marry you because you lack cooking skills!

Chocolate Flavors-


It’s a well-known Indian tradition to gift sweets to the gift as a token of thanks for attending the marriage. Now you can make this tradition ever more exciting. Get custom wedding chocolate flavors ready for your guests. Who wouldn’t love attending such weddings?

Mini Me Food-


Get this cutest food trend on your food catering palette. Miniature food items not only come in the form of jiff but also it ensures minimum food wastage. These beautifully crafted cute mini foods could be a great idea for your snap story! What say? You can get pizzas, cup-cakes and a lot more in a miniature form.

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