Wear These ‘Birthday Outfits’ At Office To Look Both Formal And Glamorous!   

‘Birthday’ is one of the most special occasion of every person’s life. There are two types of people. One who prepare for their birthday in advance, and second who just go with the flow. If you are unlucky enough to work on your birthday, then this article is perfect for you.

Today, we are giving you ideal birthday outfit ideas that you can even wear to the office. You can also carry this look as a party wear!  

1. Add Bright Colors-

To make your birthday outfit look both formal and party wear, opt for a bright top with a black pencil skirt. You can also add funky accessories to complete your look for party night.

2. The Cool Co-Ordinate-

Matching co-ordinates will be a good option if you are planning a chic dinner night with your family. They are also sophisticated enough to wear both at work and at the party.

3. Pantsuit-

To rock your birthday outfit, choose expensive fabrics like satin, silk and suede. Add your creativity by switching up for some ruffles and textures to add the party fun.

4. Sexy Skirts-

Replace your pencil skirts with an asymmetrical skirt. You can go for a well-fitted top and a decent shrug to wear at the office.

5. Jump It Up!-

Play with the fabric of your jumpsuit to make it look more glamorous. Jumpsuits can also look chic if played well!  

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