Wear Over-the-Knee Boots with Different Outfits This Winter

December is just one day away to begin and you must be thinking of upgrading your wardrobe.

Apart from clothing, the ‘BOOTS’ are on the way to become the one of the winter wardrobe essential staples. As you all know that there as so many varieties available in boots. One of them is “Over-the-Knee Boots”. Whether they're leather or suede, flat-soled or with block heels, you can buy these Over-the-Knee Boots as per your choice and occasion. The key is to keep the rest of your ensemble sleek and streamlined, so that the shapes balance each other. Especially Hollywood celebrities can't get enough of the slouchy boot silhouette. This is the best time to make boots one of the crucial winter wardrobes essential. I have some winter fashion tips for you that you’ll!

Also styling these boots with any of your outfits is very easy and fun. Playfully match over the knee boots in different ways…!

1. Over the knee boots with Skinny Jeans-

How about pulling the boots with skinny jeans? It is one such stylish ways to wear over the knee boots this winter season. The addition of a furry coat and suede thigh-highs instantly ups the ante of a basic sweater-and–skinny jeans ensemble.

2. Over the knee boots with Long Sleeves Midi Dress-

Wear that plain long-sleeved midi dress to one of your holiday parties with some silver boots. You can choose one particular colour to make more of a statement.

3. Over the knee boots with Sweater dresses-

This combination is a perfect match for you to go for! Don’t overthink the oversized sweatshirt-as-dress when you pair it with knee-high boots. Try wearing a bright colour sweater dress from head-to-toe with something punchy.

4. Over the knee boots with a Cape-

Make your look even more dramatic effect by adding a long cape. You can team up denim, woolen top and a colourful long café with brown over the knee boots.

5. Over the knee boots with Cardigans-

Long boots when teamed up with cardigan is a perfect match made in heaven. The overt magnetism of leather thigh-highs can easily be softened and cozier with just the addition of a lovely knit.

6. Over the knee party boots with skinny jeans-

Add a glam touch by wearing shimmery party boots with skinny jeans. Get ready for the season with a pair of bold slouchy over the knee boots.

I am sure the above given winter wardrobe Essential and winter Fashion tips will take your look one notch higher!

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