Valentine’s Week Special: Perfect Gift ideas For Confused Boyfriends

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

And let’s be honest boys most of you haven’t decided the gift for your lady love. Am I right? So I am writing this blog for all the clueless boyfriends out there who have no idea what they are going to gift their girlfriends.

My today’s blog is especially for the all the boyfriends out there.

With time, Valentine’s Day has become of the over-commercialized occasion all across the globe. Every couple must be very excited as the most romantic week of the year is just one day away. Beginning with the ROSE DAY and ending on the VALENTINE’S DAY, this entire week demands a lot of creativity and hell lot of efforts.

Guyz, this time don’t be a cliché and try to be more innovative in terms of impressing your girl. But most importantly don’t let this special occasion just end with the gift. Of course, the present is important but you need to remember that SHE is more important in your life.

Don’t let it end with the gift. The present is important but what is even more important is her. Once the gift is opened, there is still a whole day to celebrate your love! Make your lady feel special not on this day but on all the days, even if she’s around you or not. Your efforts are more important.

Therefore, to help all the confused boyfriends, I have curated a short list of perfect gift ideas for your love. And I am sure you will surely be able to impress your girlfriend.

Read below….

1. Makeup Bag-

Makeup Bag is one such gift that every girl must love. If your girl is very fond of makeup, then gift her a bag filled with all her favorite makeup items such as concealer, primer, eye shadow, lipstick, makeup brushes etc etc. Also you can make this gift even more special by gifting her makeup bag with a picture of you two or her alone on top of it. You can even add her name, a nickname or a cute little message, so whenever she is touching up her face, she will think of you! I am sure she would really appreciate your efforts.

2. Lovey-Dovey Scarf-

Every girl loves to go on shopping. How about gifting her personalized scarf? This Valentine’s Day wrap your girl up in love. Take the idea to a higher notch by choosing a unique design. You can also have the leniency to choose the fabric, size and color of the scarf. Think out of the box and turn this gift even more cheesy and romantic by adding pictures, graphics along with a sweet message. Make this Valentine even more stylish and chic.

3. Get Personal-

OK So this is my personal favorite gift for Valentine’s Day. Transform her dressing gown into a personalized one. Take inspiration from one of your favorite holidays with her or any special occasion. From colours, design to the fabric, choose everything on your own. This unusual but unforgettable gift will make her Valentine’s Day one to remember.

4. Couple Tee-Shirts/ Sweatshirt-

Everyone loves getting cozy and everyone loves to be loved. Go for a set of personalized tee or sweatshirt for you two. Romantic, original and just a touch of cheesiness – the ultimate gift of love! Try to get some quirky quotes printed on these couple outfits.

5. Heart Blanket-

Show her the shape of your heart. If you didn’t get me then have a look at this soft custom blanket with hearts all over it.

6. WhatsApp Chat Scrapbook-

Is your girl someone who repeatedly read the WhatsApp chats of you two? If she is that kind of a person then here’s the deal for you. Get the WhatsApp chats starting from how you two started talking and then fall in love printed in the form of a SCRAPBOOK. Any girl would fall in love with such gesture of a guy. *wink*

7. Get Yourself Inked-

This is quite interesting gift option for you. If you and your partner is a tattoo lover then you can also gift them a tattoo voucher. Get yourself inked with tattoos like your favorite quotes, each other names or anything else.

Last but not the least, you can always gift your girl some fresh flowers with lovely fragrance and a chocolate pack.

And it’s a wrap. I hope I have been actually helpful for all the boys who love their ladies so much and want to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one for them. If you are a keeper then the above mentioned gifts are just so perfect for you.



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