Uplift Your Bust With These 9 Tops For Small-Chested Girls!

It is very important to know about your body structure and shape before shopping any outfit. Some outfits might look lousy on someone with heavy bust. But proper knowledge of dressing can help you get out of any worst situation.

Growing up as a girl is not that easy. But still you have to deal with the changes in your body. Just like Kardashians, you may not have that dramatic cleavage but you know what that means and that’s okay.

So, giving the solution to your problem, I am going to tell you about 9 tops for small-chested girls that will make your bust look heavy!


Halter tops should be BFF-

Search for tops with bib-necks, self-tie straps and deep armholes. There are so many options available for you in the market. Halter top with gathered necklines will be treating your babies well. *Wink*


Plunging Necklines-

Carrying a plunging neckline top would be easier for you as compared to girls with heavy bust. What do Also it will probably be your thing since you won’t have worry about side-boob.




After push up bras, layering is you best friend. The tee under slip dress combo will take to your frame effortlessly. Ladies! You can get the inspiration from our Bollywood divas like Alia Bhatt who swears by the trend.


Wrap Top or Low Scooping Blazer-

Take a risk and go bra less! It might work well under a low-scooping blazer or a wrap top.




Pick a sporty bralette as a regular top for a day-appropriate look. Top it off with an oversized jacket and let the heads turn in the club! A lace bustier can be a good option.


Tube Tops-

Everybody secretly wants to wear a tube top. But ‘YOU’ can wear one without having to constantly tug at it.


Ruffle It Up-

For you, the flouncier tops create volume and you can wear it as a party wear -than-usual styles. Start with a basic off-the-shoulder number that has a sinuous overlay of fabric.



Tuxedo Top-

Embrace your lean frame in a navel-grazing bodysuit or a tuxedo top. You can pair it with skinny jeans and high heels!



Lace Up Necklines-

Last but not the least; let’s bring back the millennium favourite style of the lace-up necklines. You must have seen Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston wearing the same top too many times on the T.V. show “F.R.I.E.D.S”.


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