Try These Simple Hacks To Manage Your Hair This Monsoon!

Monsoon is known as the bad season for hair. Monsoon cause more damage to hair than summers and winters. This damage happens because of excess of humidity in the temperature. So, this monsoon we are bringing quite simple hacks you can try at home to get beautiful and fudge free hair!


Wash It Well-

It is suggested to wash your hair for twice or thrice every week. Excess of hair wash can lead to many hair related problems. Keep your scalp dry to avoid any kind of fungal or bacterial infection. In case you get wet in the rain, must have a head bath as the rain water may lead to itchy scalp and bacterial infections. Also use a mild shampoo to wash your tresses!


Good Conditioner-

After washing your hair properly, use a good conditioner as it will make your hair look smooth and shiny. Apply conditioner only at the ends of your hair to prevent hair fall. Find a conditioner that suits your hair.

Don’t brush too often-

Do not brush your wet hair as it causes hair fall. Instead of brushing, pat them dry with a towel and then use a wide tooth comb that easily detangles your hair. Also never tie your hair when wet. Let them dry thoroughly. Lice infestation is very common during this season and wet hair is more prone to lice infestation.


Oil Your Hair-

Oil is one of the ways to give nourishment to your hair. Oil nourishes and moisturizes them and helps in revitalizing the original texture. A good massage helps in increasing blood circulation and increasing hair growth.

Avoid Hair Styling-

Who doesn’t loves to flaunt their hair? But in monsoon it is suggested to avoid hair. Curling rods and hair straighteners use heating technique which can damage your hair and make them look frizzier. Opt for a short haircut to get manageable hair!


Braid Your Hair-

Braiding not only protects you from hair damage but also strengthens your hair follicles.

Take Healthy Diet-

Apart from the above suggestions, a proper diet should be included in your daily routine. Healthy diet is another source to give nourishment to your hair from inside. Opt for food like omega 3 fatty acid, salmon, eggs, spinach, dahi, etc which is high in protein that helps in strengthening your hair follicles.



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