Travel Diaries- Easy Go Airport Looks to Carry

If you've ever googled "airport outfits," you've no doubt been bombarded with pictures of celebrities strutting through security in their high heels, leather pants and cool blouses. But I mean, is that realistic? 

The celebs are mostly fly via private plane or being escorted immediately to a first-class lounge. It is quite easy for them to get through all the discomfort.

But for a normal person the situation gets difficult. But whether your flight is 10 hours long or just a couple, it's necessary to dress as comfortably as you can so the flight isn’t miserable. I have been through this situation once while travelling. So I know the discomfort well. Here are my tips on how to dress for your flight so that you can get through security efficiently and stay comfy for the whole ride. As well, I've created three comfortable airport outfits that use my principles.

Opt for these 5 easy go dressing styles to stay comfortable during your journey!

Flowy Shirt with Jeggings-



It is one of my favorite airport look. Flowy shirts are very comfortable while travelling. You can pair it with jegging of your choice. Nail your airport look by opting for a pastel polka dotted shirt or floral print shirt. Team it up with a pair of jeggings. Finish your look off with comfortable footwear. As they say “Less Is More”!

Oversized Jacket-



Oversized clothes may look shaggy but they are very much comfortable while travelling. You can convert a simple oversized shirt into a stylish one. Drop the temperature of your flight by opting for an oversized jacket. Pair it up with basic top and ripped denim. You are ready to go!

Ripped Jeans-

‘Ripped Jeans’ is one of the most lovable fashion trends. These jeans are not only quite comfortable but they are also very stylish. Carry this care-free look with a handbag to add touch of fun to your any look. A handbag can be easily placed in the overhead compartment of the flight. Also it will accommodate all your important documents.


This outfit is easy, comfortable and totally customizable to any sense of style. You can't go wrong with comfy ripped jeans, striped tee and army jacket combo which is surprisingly stylish. The boots simply zip off so they're ultra-easy to remove for security.

Easy- Breezy Outfit-

A midi dress is a perfect blend of comfort and style at the same time. Team up your outfit with a pair of canvas shoes or flats to complete your airport look.

Make sure to travel with ease!         



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