Three Finest Hotels Worldwide!

We all have got one life to live and we all are often advised to live a meaningful life; simple and sweet but the world is full of weird yet beautiful things and I believe in exploring them. So today I going to share details about the three finest hotels across the globe.

These Hotels are beautiful and promise to give you once in lifetime kind of experience.

The Manta Underwater Room, Zanzibar: If you called yourself a ‘Water baby’ than you should visit this hotel in Zanzibar city on the Unguja Island. If you love sea diving, you’ll love the Manta Underwater Room. This Underwater room is a part of Part of the Manta Resorts in Zanzibar and is located in the midst of the ocean.

This room is simply a bedroom under the sea! It is situated 13 feet under the sea. This room have two large windows, so that you can calmly gaze at the ocean’s life. It also have a rooftop in case you feel tired! The rooftop allows you to sit in the sun and drown yourself in the beauty of the Indian Ocean.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland: Ever imagined living is igloos? Isn’t this sounds Cool and tricky! Yes I got your feels. This resort in Finland have glass and snow igloos for their guests to stay. The glass tops allows the guests to view the incredible Northern Lights in the dark night.

The ideal time to pay visit there is in months of November to April. A stay here will give you the experience of the lifetime.

Wanderlust, Singapore:If you are very creative and imaginative by heart then the Wanderlust in Singapore has so much stored in for you! This four-storied hotel has 29 rooms, each of which is designed in new and experimental ways by the local architects.

Each floor features a set theme, and the room styles range from pantone (featuring a single bright colour) and mono (featuring black and white art) to the more eclectic (ASCII room, Red Spaceship, Tree house). This hotel is the soul food for the adventure junkies


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