This Viral ‘Bottle Curls’ Hack Will Leave You In Shock

Be it fashion, beauty or beauty a product, the fashion world has evolved a lot with time. I am very fond of everything related to fashion world. The beauty industry keep introducing new high tech gadgets and products but there is this one new hair hack that will make you go crazy. The internet is also facing the boom of this latest trend!

After knowing about this hack you will wonder why you hadn’t thought of it earlier. A challenge #blowthebottlechallenge has been getting viral on internet. The name of this hack is “Bottle Curls” which is becoming an easier and fun way to get your hair curled up. Drop the idea of going to parlor and opt for the trend this festive season!

The best part about Bottle Curls is that you’ll just need an empty water bottle and a blow-dryer! I am gonna tell you about the step by step process on how you can get it done.


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Take a plastic bottle and cut a section out as per the dryer’s nozzle size. Make sure the bottle is a THICK plastic!


Now put a section of hair in the empty water bottle that you want to get curled.


Get your hair dryer inside the bottle through the hole. Use the blow-dryer on medium heat so that you don’t burn your hair. Hold blow drier at the right angle for the hair to spin around.


Release after a few seconds. Let hair cool in the bottle before taking it out. Ta-da! Your curls are ready.


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Now you have a great way to recycle water bottles and get impressive curls in the meantime. Enjoy curling your hair at home this Diwali!



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