This Simple Therapy Can Improve Your Health, Read Below

Hey guyz can I ask you a basic question?

How many glasses of water have you consumed since morning today? Two or three glasses perhaps? Well you may not see it today but surely you will have to face the side effects of drinking less water in coming future. Do you feel your skin becoming dull or are you experiencing sleeplessness during nights? If the answer is yes, then you are in trouble. It is all happening because you might not be consuming proper amount of water every day.

Dehydration can cause lots of other problems as well which can be bigger!

But worry not coz I have got the solution for you all. Do you know anything about Japanese Water Therapy? Do you know that Japan is known to have the highest life expectancy with the highest number of people surviving for over 100 years? Again your answer must be a big ‘NO’! So I have brought you the secret of Japanese long life. Follow their morning ritual which is commonly known as ‘Japanese Water Therapy’.

Definitely, it is the right time that we should learn a thing or two from Japanese’s healthier lifestyles.

Let’s begin with what actually this therapy is? This therapy is being scientifically proved which suggests us to drink a certain amount of water on an empty stomach, every morning and during the day at a specific time before/after meals. Isn’t it quite simple! Once you’ll start following this regime on a regular basis, you will see several positive changes in your body.

Well you must be thinking of how to do this Japanese Water Therapy!

You just need to follow some easy steps you must follow the following steps:

STEP- 1: Drink around 4 glasses of water i.e. 640ml just after waking up and before brushing. Remember, you must drink on an empty stomach.

STEP-2: Brush your teeth but don’t eat or drink anything for the next 45 minutes.

STEP-3: Once the time has passed, you can eat and drink as per your normal routine.

STEP-4: After each meal, drink water at least thirty minutes before eating anything, but not during the two hours following your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tip- You can squeeze a lemon to flavor the water.

There are multiple benefits of this straightforward and natural therapy. With this Japanese Water Therapy you can enjoy these benefits. Read below!

1. Flushes out Toxins-

It is well known that drinking as much water as you can, takes out the toxins from your body. At night, your body repairs itself and casts out all the toxins in your body. When you drink water on an empty stomach in the morning, you will flush out these harmful toxins, leaving your body fresh and healthy. If you drink water on an empty stomach daily, it’ll purify your colon so that the absorption of nutrients becomes an easier process. Also in addition, this method will increase the production of new blood and muscle cells in your body.

2. Glowing Skin-

As the toxins gets out from your body, it naturally makes you skin healthy, flawless and most importantly glowing.

3. Increases Metabolism-

Do you know that consuming water on an empty stomach can increase your metabolic rate by 24%? When your metabolism gets increased it automatically leads to an improved digestive system. Hence, this proves most beneficial for those who are on a strict diet as they are likely to follow their diet routine more easily once they are able to digest their food faster. For you information, it is also the easiest way to lose body weight and help you get that perfect body which you’ve always dreamt of.

4. Fights Kidney Stones and Bladder Infections –

It is scientifically proved that drinking water on an empty stomach dilutes the acids which lead to stones in the kidney. Hence, the more the suggested amount of water you drink, the more you will be protected from all kinds of bladder infections caused by toxins.

5. Cure high BP-

With this Japanese Water Therapy you can goodbye to these problems like high blood pressure in 30 days, gastric problems in just 10 days, diabetes in 30 days, constipation in 10 days, cancer in 180 days and TB in 90 days. For arthritis, 3 days of the therapy in the 1st week and daily from the 2nd week must be followed.

Other conditions that the Japanese Water therapy has proven to cure are Constipation, Gastritis, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Tuberculosis, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Body Pain, Joint Pain, Obesity, Asthma, Nausea and Vomiting, Piles, Eye Infections, Cancer and Menstrual problems.

What should be kept in mind while following the Japanese Water Therapy?

Too much of everything is bad. Drinking too much water in rapid succession can also prove to be fatal and should definitely be avoided. This is because it overwhelms the kidneys and causes a sudden drop in blood sodium levels. This drop in sodium leads to water entering the brain, causing it to swell.

Hence, start off by drinking less on day one and then, gradually, build up to four glasses.


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