This Designer Created ‘Handbags’ from Her Heartbreak

Parisa Wang Is A Very Famous Name In The Fashion Industry!

But do you know about the story of her success? Well very few people know how this lady became one of the most famous names in the world of fashion. Parisa launched her label- PARISA WANG in the year 2016 with the mission to “create singular, luxurious handbags with accessible price points that women instantly fall in love with and also reach for them”.

This Hong Kong native designer turned her heartbreak into handbags. Parisa Wang met her ex while studying accounting at Miami University in Ohio. The two began dating and when Parisa got graduated she decided to move to New York to pursue her passion. But later on she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. Wang was devasted but she knew that she wanted to turn her heartbreak into something tangible. Wang says, “Each bag is based around a feeling of love. I just chose to tell my story through handbags”.

Her heartbreak made her start her handbag line. As it turns out, success really is the best revenge.

It seems safe to assume that a brand born out of heartbreak might be a little bittersweet for its founder, but Wang insists she feels the exact opposite. “The real message is encouraging women to be courageous and independent and go for the things that really matter to them,” she says. “While heartbreak is a part of life, the important thing is what grows out of it.”

But you must all be thinking why only HANDBAGS? Well Parisa was drawn to handbags as her medium due to their historical significance. Wang cited the fact that clothing lacked pockets until the 17th century, with women having to rely on men to carry their belongings. “Women’s handbags appeared asa symbol of independence and status for women,” Wang explained. “I love the story behind handbags.”

They say that- “There is beauty in confidence”.

This is what designer Parisa Wang has always proved. Her signature handbags tailored for women let her confidence shine. Parisa and her brand is famously known for her “Addicted Bracelet Bags” which is basically a cross handbag with a single buckle around the wrist. This bag is the result of her sour past relationship. The shape of the bag resembles a wine bottle, symbolizing the feeling of being drunk in love. According to Parisa, the functionality and versatility of this hands free bag makes it lovable by every women customer.

During her college days, Parisa admitted of taking painting classes while growing up in urban China where art is said to be a waste of time. And upon graduation she decided to follow her passion for fashion further at Parsons School of Design. Perhaps, this lady has also worked with several big names in the world of fashion such as J.Crew, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Pologeorgis Furs. But she felt restricted to a particular pre-determined aesthetic.

The Parisa Wang bags are made keeping in three things in mind. Read below!


PARISA WANG handbags are designed in an effort to merge classic beauty—with an undeniably modern twist—and functionality. They are elegant, versatile, and easy-to-wear, day in, night out.


Each handbag is carefully hand-crafted with sensibly-sourced, high-quality leather by experienced artisans, ensuring durability, and inherent luxury.


We believe in championing women, and that fashion can help instill in them the strength and confidence needed to succeed each and every day. So, we take pride in accessible price points everyone can appreciate, without compromising quality.

The idea of an empowered woman carrying one of her designs is the driving force for Parisa. That is why her bags are very much so for the modern woman. She also created the #PWWonderWomen campaign to create a social media community to celebrate inspirational women who follow their own paths to success.

Parisa Wang is a living proof that not all heartbreaks are bad. You can manage to bring out the best in you even in worse situations as well

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