This Avenger Is Stuck in Ahmedabad’s Traffic, See Pic

Hollywood star and one of the ‘Avengers’, Chris Hemsworth has recently expressed his gratefulness for the people of India. The actor who flew into India last week to shoot the Netflix film ‘Dhaka’ has shared a few pictures of him surrounded by fans, especially children. Taking to the Instagram Chris shared three pictures with the caption, "Beyond thankful for the kindness and generosity that the people of India have extended to us while making our little film here".


Chris who famously plays Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films captioned another video as, "Traffic is flowing", he says, "It's a good system this one... Here we are in the intersection, and no one is really moving, except our car going on the wrong side of the road... What is happening? Oh, the tuk tuks are out... The horns are on."


The actor is likely to also shoot in Mumbai for the film, which is reportedly an action film in which the actor plays a character that has to liberate a kidnapped Indian boy.




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