Think Out Of The Box To Get A Closet Makeover!

An over flowing becomes a curse at several times. But do you still feel like you have nothing to wear? Just like any other person, you must also feel that sudden urge to execute a closet makeover. Being a girl I can understand such kind of situations.

It’s now time to give your closet some attention so that your daily life becomes easier. It can be the perfect thing to start your day. Get rid of all the unnecessary junk and de-clutter and re – organize your closet!

Today’s blog is just about how to get a closet makeover through few simple but beneficial

Colourful Trunk Boxes-



Spacious trunk boxes can be very helpful to store all the items that are not of your daily use. Invest in a colourful Trunk boxes depending on your closet space. Stack them one above the other which could double up as a side table or as a one-person seater.

Not only this but these trunk boxes can add colours to your room!

Transform the Ice-cube Tray in an Accessory Box-

Ice-cube trays are available in every household. Get ice-cube trays to store all your accessories including jewellery and ornaments. It will not only make space in your closet and paint the trays according to your favorite color.

Get the Shoe Box-

Stuff your quite important items like lingerie, rolled-up shirts, towels, socks and anything foldable in a shoe-box. Line the boxes with tissues and spray some freshener before storing stuff. Place these boxes neatly in your closet.

Comforter Bags-


Use those comforter bags for keeping all your extra non-seasonal clothes. Keep switching it from season to season and shoot it all up in the attic. It’ll make your work easy and even less messy. These bags will save up your inner closet.

Use of Umbrella Stands-

Umbrella baskets could be used during the non-season to stack up yoga mats and unused carpets. It’s time to roll them up! Place the baskets behind your door to save closet space and not visible to the eye.

I hope that all the given hacks will help you out to manage your closet systematically!

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