These Things Are a Big ‘NO’ On Your First Date

Love is in the air! Winter is the perfect season to go on a romantic dinner or a quick getaway over the weekend. If you going on a date after staying single for so long, then you need to read this article. As per the experts’ advice, there are a few things that you should not do on your first date. So ace your dating game by following the given pointers below and take your date a little notch higher. Impress your date with your charm and etiquettes! *wink*




Do Not Interrupt Your Date-

People say that, a person should also be a good listener. So, keeping this factor in mind, try not to interrupt your date while talking. Any kind of interruption can be extremely rude and also it can be a big turn off for them. Being a good listener not only shows how much you respect someone’s thoughts and opinions.

Don’t Get Too Personal-

As it is your first date, it is suggested not to get too personal. It can not only make your date uncomfortable but can also make them loose interest in you. Try to ask questions related to daily routine or their likes and dislikes. I am sure that you too do not want create a snoopy impression on the other person.

Be Humble-

Being condescending is never cool. So, be humble, open-minded and comforting.

Be Nice To the Waiter-

How you treat your subordinates shows a lot about your personality. So, be nice to the waiter of the restaurant or café you are going to while ordering food.

Phone is a big ‘NO’-




Cell phones have become a crucial part of our lives. But sometimes it is good to avoid using it, especially when you are with someone else or are meeting a person for the very first time. Sticking to your phone can be an extremely rude gesture. Not only your date will soon get bored and leave but probably they will decide to never meet you again. So I would suggest both of you to keep your phones aside and on silent as well. And the fact that this idea was initiated by you, may give you some extra brownie points.

Don’t Go In Past-

Sometimes it is very normal to inform your date about your exes, but starting the conversation with this question can be a big turn off.



Split the Bill-

Never be afraid to ask for splitting the bill. So make sure offer that.

Just be yourself and you are ready to ROCK your DATE!


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