These Four Classy Shades Suit Every Skin Tone

When it comes to fashion perfect colour choice in terms of outfit, accessories or footwear is very important. Well, there are colours that work better for you than others and vice versa - you might have even realized there is one colour that you always look well in.

But there are several colours that suit every person regardless of skin tone or hair colour. So I would like to be specific about colours. According to the two types of skin tones- cool and warm on which these given four colours will definitely look good. These four colours are universally flattering and there is a scientific reason behind this fascinating fact.

As per the expert, the certain colours flatter all skin tones and hair colours because "they provide an equal balance of warm and cool". 

Have a look at this blog:


Named after the 'eggplant', the shades of purple are universally flattering! Aubergine looks good on every kind of skin tone. You can take inspiration from the Bollywood divas to involve this colour in your wardrobe, especially for ethnic wear.

Surely aubergine can replace the usual neutrals as it is a versatile shade that would add that pop of colour into your everyday wardrobe. 

2. RED-

Red is one of the classic colours of every girl’s wardrobe. This essential colour does look incredible on every skin tone. Opt for red and ace the OOTD every single time you go out.

3. TEAL-

This tricky colour is quite tough to understand to pair it up with other available colours. I would suggest you to coordinate this colour with neutrals like greys and whites to take your style statement even a notch high. Pair teal colour with red if you're looking for a hot combination.


As the name suggests, this nude pink colour doesn’t mind any kind of skin tone. This colour also brings out the natural pinkness on your face aka blush will look good on every single person.



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