Health Alert! Say No To These Five Harmful Food Combos for Your Health

Have you ever faced digestion related problem after eating a particular combo of food item?

Every human body is complicated in its own way and therefore, every single body is unique and reacts differently to different things. When you combine foods with varying transit times, trouble may ensue, because digestion isn’t as efficient. 

We’ve all been eating at least a few of these combinations together. But, not anymore! Skip the 5 harmful food combos in your diet to stay fit….

According to several studies, there are many harmful food combos that can react on our bodies in a negative way.

Have a look at these 5 harmful food combos for your health...!

1. Spinach and Tomatoes-

Spinach and tomatoes are filled with oxalate that can form larger kidney stones. These kidney stones can obstruct the kidney tubules. An estimated 80% of kidney stones are formed from calcium oxalate. That is why it is suggested not to eat spinach and tomatoes together.

2. Tomatoes and Bread/Pasta-

There is acid present in tomatoes and for your kind information, mixing this food item with heavy foods such as bread or pasta can exhaust the digestive system. Not only the digestion process will get slow but also consumption of tomatoes with bread or pasta can be allergic for our skin.

3. Banana and Milk-

In winter season it is suggested to eat light food as the digestion process gets slow. Milk and bananas are two food items that slows digestion. So before drinking banana smoothie make sure to add nutmeg or cardamom to the mixture to speed up your metabolism.

4. Brinjal and Curd-

Indians love the combination of baingan ka bharta with curd or raita! Of course your answer would be Yes! But let me tell you that this combination should be avoided according to Ayurveda. It is just because the enzymes in curd mixed with brinjal can cause digestive problems. Say NO to this combo from now onwards!

5. Fruit and Yoghurt-

We all know pretty well that yoghurt have bacteria. These bacterias can react with the sugar in the fruits or berries. The result of this combination can be allergic or you will sob in cold!

Well, if you want your body healthy as ever in the long run then remember my suggestion. Avoid the consumption of above given five harmful food combos in the future.


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