These Are the Right Hair Brushes for Your Hair Type

What would you think if I say that a hairbrush can change your life? Managing hair is one of the major tasks for the women, especially those who have long hair and also have a job. It is very important to take good care of your hair as well your hair scalp. Don’t take the hair scalp for granted. People are having an unhealthy regime with extremely busy schedule. Most of us are so occupied with new trendy hair treatment, products and styles that we seem to skip out on caring for our scalp!

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Let's be real. When you're creating your wish list of beauty products, brushes are at the bottom. We get it — that fancy new blow-dryer is a much more exciting addition to your hair tools collection. But while the brush you use every day is easy to overlook, having the right brush is super important when it comes to caring for your hair.

Instead of spending money on your hair you can take care of them by using a Right Hair Brush! Brushing your hair daily, especially at night can benefit not only your hair from the knots but it can relieve the scalp of tension and stress. It is none other than a kind of hair spa for your roots. Selecting one that's optimal for your hair type will give you the best results — like less breakage and more good hair days. And there are tons of styling hacks that the right brush can deliver with a simple swipe.

Read this blog and choose the right type of hair brush to maximize the health of your hair and scalp both! Now, let's get started.

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The Sculpting Brush-

This hair brush is made of all hair types. The sculpting brush is best for styling wet hair for an at-home blowout. The bristles smooth and soften hair while reducing static once fully dried.

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The Detangling Brush-
The detangling brush is for all hair types. If you have unruly hair, but love giving yourself a fresh, morning blowout, this is your go-to. The bristles are gentle for tug-free styling and it releases tangles with ease.

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The Thermal Brush-
This brush is great for thick, coarse, fine and even curly hair. While the thermal ceramic barrel mimics the results of a fancy blowout. In just less time, your hair will be smooth and loaded with volume in a shorter amount of time.

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The Tangle Teezer-
The tangle brush is best for medium to thick hair for detangling them and add volume. The super firm plastic bristles of Tangle Teezer hair brush are best suited for getting knots out of thick hair. But most stylists use it for more than that such as massaging the scalp as the last step in styling, which creates serious fullness.
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The Plastic Vent Brush-
Popular in 90’s, this type of hair brush is best if used for fine hair and short hair (no longer than a bob). In the world of hairstylist, it is still great for styling short cuts, especially pixies, since its wide bristles detangle and style without making hair fluffy or poufy.
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The Scalp Brush-
Also known as "shampoo brush”, this hair brush is used during a shower to gently massage shampoo into the roots. It allows you to get a deep clean without the knots and tangles. Plus, you can easily break up dry curls and detangle them without removing curly or wavy texture.
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The Teasing Brush-
Ditch the plastic teasing comb and opt for a teasing brush to get the best hair volume. A good teasing brush has different levels of staggered boar bristles.

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The Boar Paddle Brush-
An all-boar paddle brush is great for someone with long hair who wrap-dries their hair. The bristles of this brush are best suited for medium to thin strands, as only nylon bristles can properly get through thick hair.



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