Tea Post- A Place to talk








If you are fond of good food and you are a chai lover as well then you must extent your savor at nearest TEA POST.









Tea-post is a not fancy restaurant, but it has very nice ambience and serves a good range of lip-smacking foods.

Interiors fitted with wooden texture binds you with the coziness.







It a good place for small FOOD BREAKS. 

As its name, the place itself craves your taste buds to take something after or along with tea-coffee.





Go alone or bang in the group, you will relish on enough choice of food, which can be taken as Nashta Or Petbhar Khana.

Every Tea-post outlet is loaded with great tea, light snacks and a very hygienic environment. But what makes outlet is more friendly are that features like Free Wi-Fi, Magazine, Newspapers, Events, Seasonal Music etc.








It is a Place to talk, like after College or after school breaks, where you happily banter your half Cutting Chai with Muska Buns with your friends and returns home with memories.








You can find long range of Flavoured Tea and Coffee. With Tea, you can fix your appetize with Masala Khakra, Methi Khakra, Chocolate Cookies, Oatmeal Cookies, Cashew Cookies, Sugar Cookies and much more.






Whether you take the Mexican cheese sandwich or favours the Khapoli Vada. If you have to try something else, then enjoy the Veggie Fingers with cheese garlic bread and white sauce.






Khapoli is a place actually famous for Batada Vada Experts, so there is a demand of Khapoli Vada in every city of India. In Jaipur, Only Tea-post serve this authentic cuisine. 






There are also upma, poha and chilli masala noodles as regular items.




You can fill the stomach for just Rs. 100 in the Tammy full combo meal Like Handvo and Flavored Tea. Handvo is not available everywhere in Jaipur and have a very distinct taste.






There are 120 outlets of Tea-Post across the country where you have a good range of combo foods to fill your stomach. The prices are not even high, that is, the USP of this outlets, where Rs 200 is enough to have good meal for two people. Tea-post outlets’ Care, Food and the Environment make you nostalgic and rewinds back to your college days. It’s for sure, one visit can be crucial and you may addictive to visit again and again! 



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