STOP BODYSHAMING! Advice from a Skinny Girl to another Little Skinny

Have you been a victim of BODYSHAMING?

Do you approve of making humiliating comments about a person's body size or weight? I have been noticing a lot of people doing body shaming in my surrounding. For example, telling a child that they are "too fat" or when a thin woman is told that she is "too skinny."

Have a look at some facts of bodyshaming! According to a survey, 93 percent of women and 83 percent of men reported being body shamed, which is a lot closer than we would’ve thought.

This has made me put in my two cents worth.

I have also been body shamed since my childhood for being skinny. Well, people are more concern about my health than me. LOL! Skinny is not the word I would have chosen to describe myself over the years, but it’s a word that’s been mentioned about (and a lot of others that aren’t as cute I might add), when people have described me.  I would prefer to use the word, slight.

Just like me, a lot of girls have been the victim of this shitty practice of Body shaming. But do the people even realize that commenting on someone’s physical appearance in a negative way can affect them both mentally and physically? You almost make someone lose their confidence. How cool is hearing the nasty comments like “you look like you haven’t eaten for a month” or “You’ve got no ass” of a 23 year old girl.

There was a time when I’ve had almost lost every bit of my confidence. But with time I understood that there was nothing wrong in me. It’s just about those people and their sick mindset. If you are into this then please stop Bodyshaming.

My question to everyone reading my blog is, “Is it right to be so judgmental about someone’s outer appearance”? I guess NO!

Yes, I am lucky to be naturally thin, although I do have to work at that a little harder these days, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be conscious of my body. We are all humans and we all are different. We should know so much better by now.  If you are happy, then so be it, no matter what your size, no matter how hard you work out or what you eat.

I love every inch of my body and I am sure every girl does. So, I hope after reading these facts of Bodyshaming you’ll not be harsh towards any other human!


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