True to her sunshine persona, Sonam Kapoor, has a purple patch with her sister Rhea kapoor in launching their own brand of  clothing line- RHESON. Any guesses for the brand name!  Though, Sonam as a popular young woman brand ,has had many offer to be brand ambassador of fashion lines, she decided to start with her sister Rhea ,herself a known designer.They have partnered  with shopper’s stop a leading fashion retail chain for distribution. ”it has to be authentic.There is no point giving your name to something, when you are not designing it or not being part of it. Specially if it is fashion” asserts sonam. . Her latest , hashtag campaigne #NoRhesonICantQueue! Is doing the rounds.They have one of the most active & visited , instagram accounts.

They are living out an extended childhood dreamteam bonding. their first collection is aptly themed- ‘Memories & nostalgia’, using floral prints used by their mother. Previously, too the sister duo have had , heads turning in their commercial collaborations. With Sonam as the icon persona as face & Rhea as the backstage , fashion designer, they seemlessly gel together.Their  upbringing shows a good influence from their effervescent, prolific actor father , anil kapoor & sensitive mother. In may2018 , she is rumoured to be married to childhood friend-fiance anand ahuja. He is himself a fashion entrepreneur . The dream team will get only larger.

Sonam has over the years carved a unique brand recall for herself with stints in newyork-milan fashion industry, women centric  movie roles, participating in cannes filmfestival and  being active on women empowerment forums. During her movie ‘padman’’s promotions,  on women mensuration hygiene sanitary napkin, she started the –the padman challenge, to post a pic with sanitary pads, on social media. Many a stars, celebs and public , responded with respect and appreciation.

 Her latest red carpet outing at HT style awards, her yellow outfit made heads turn with appreciation. with pleated parted hairs and one-shoulder blown up sleeve , she sure,  can carry certain look and dresses , only by being herself. she crosses the boundaries of fasion panaroma, western fashion to urban chic to vintage sari to ethnicwear or youth bubbly outfits with equal grace and elan, like only she can.


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