“SIKORA”- A Perfect Place to Finally Have Tandoori Chai in Jaipur!

For Indians tea is an integral part of their lives. Whenever a guest comes to our house we treat him with good tea. Monsoon is perfect delightful weather to have tea. For tea lovers, we have found a new place in Jaipur. Located in Rajapark, a new spot has been recently opened with the name “Sikora”. Sikora is an earthern pot which is heated in the tandoor. It is mainly used to serve liquids like tea, milk etc.


Visit this place in case you want to get lost in a musical mode. Whenever you are in a mood to soak in the musical lyrics with a sip of tea this tea hub is the place to be. This monsoon, taste the perfect blend of Sikora Tandoori Chai and Missle pao and enjoy every moment of this monsoon. This unique concept of Tandoori Chai was first started in Pune by a B.Sc graduate Amol Dilip Rajdeo.


Now the wait for tandoori chai is finally over for the Jaipurites as ‘Sikora’ would be the first shop to sell these. The owner of this shop is Siddharth Bhandari.  The tandoori chai is prepared once the kulhar is boiling hot. The tea is then poured into it so as to blend in the flavors. At the last this tea is served in a fresh kulhar. This whole process makes this tea even more unique and fascinating. There are so many tea flavors served here like Tandoori, Masala, and Cardamom, Ginger, Tulsi, Rose, Zafran chai and Green tea. This tea hub also serves a delicious variety of mouth-watering street food such as Kesar ki Jalebi, Dal Pakwan, Poha to Vada Pao, Maggi, and French Fries.


Missle Pao is not very common and not easily available in Jaipur. The preparation of the same at Sikora is quite authentic with thick layers of butter on the pao. This place also has a brunch menu along with 8 types of tea with the special Tandoori Tea and Kashmiri Kahwa.

Experience a lovely weekend along with music and enjoy the taste of Tandoori Chai with some tasty snack!



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