Selena Gomez and Rapper Cradi B to Collaborate With Dj Snake on a New Track!

All Selena fans are getting mad right now as she has join hands with the new rapping sensation Cradi B and Dj Snake on a new track. Everyone is super ecstatic. Both the ladies are about to shot the music video for that new track.

Dj Snake took the social media as an apt platform to share this news as he posted that his next music video features Selena, Cardi and Ozuna. He also tweeted, “In Los Angeles shooting the music video for my next single ????????” In addition, Cardi took to Instagram to share a pic (below) that shows a bunch of directer chairs with the names of Selena, Cardi, Ozuna, DJ Snake and Kulture written on them, along with the caption: “Soon come ;) ON SET !”

After collaborating with band Maroon 5 on “Girls Like You” Cardi is all set to work on this one and she is super excited. The newly mother and rapper took to Instagram on Friday and shared the behind-the-scenes look at the music video taping in her story. She even posted the picture of four director's chairs with the collaborators names on them. There's even a little chair for Cardi's baby Kulture.

We are really freaking and can’t keep ourselves calm and tell us about you! We promise to keep you updated regarding the same.


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