Say HELLO to the New Breezing Dating Formula

‘Breezing’ refers to care free dating!

Most of you must be in a relationship or dating someone or have crush on someone. But do you feel anxiety or hesitation while talking to your partner? If yes, then here’s the solution of your problem. This is the year when you should get rid of all your relationship anxieties. 

For example, Say Hi to that text that you are ignoring for days or if you want to express your feelings to someone just go and do it. Don’t think too much! In fact, Hollywood actress Jenna Dewan applied the same trick in her the beginning of her relationship with ex-husband Channing Tatum. Talking about their relationship Channing told, “Jenna admitted her feelings for me and that is the sexiest thing she’d ever done for me. She didn’t even think about my answer.”

So, stop doing maths and stop putting logics in your relationship.

BREEZING is the trick of saying goodbye to the conventional/old-fashioned “dating rules”. Stay honest about your feelings and expectations since the beginning. Just be yourself — say what you mean, mean what you say, don't worry about "shoulds" and just go for it.

Ace the game of dating with breezing it up!

Stay breezed which means carefree just like Jenna. There are some taboos related to dating that is waiting for the guy to make the first move, playing games on texts etc. But you should end all this as soon you read this blog.

Here are some of the “Breezing Tips” you need to follow:

1. End the Game of Texting-

Don’t wait to reply of a text. Rather get back to the person immediately as soon you see their text. This also means that you no longer have to stare at your phone, waiting for his message. Pick that phone up and make the first move yourself.  Act fast in this new trend of dating!

2. Be Careful While Speaking or Sending Messages-

If you are typing a message or mail, then express your feelings without any kind of fear. Instead of using so many emojis, tell the other person about your feelings through just one emoji. Try to make eye contact more often or give them a smile without hesitation. It is the best way to express the warmth and happiness you feel with them.

Also it is okay to be the one to initiate the conversation again, no second thoughts given. No more mixed signals and no more manipulative games. 

3. Honesty Is the Best Policy-

If you are not looking for a serious kind of fling then say it your partner. And even if you are looking forward for a serious relationship then also tell this to your partner. It’s kinda cool and takes guts to be true to your feelings. And if the other person doesn’t match with your partner's needs, it's OK to breeze out before you waste too much time on something that isn't going to work long-term.

4. Make the First Move-

Girl if you like him then tell him that you’re interested. If you don’t, you tell him you’re figuring things out. Basically, breezing allows both of you the space to be honest, without hurting or leading the other on. 

5. Don’t Share Too Much In the First Meeting-

Breezing is actually for those who are over expressive. It asks you to stay authentic and easy on your first date or meeting. Don’t share too much about yourself like about your exes, your studies, sexual partners and more.

Try to go with the flow instead of telling too much. I would say, save your dark secrets for your dates that are a few weeks down the road! Sharing too much can scare your date!

6. Initiate S*X-

If you’re thinking of avoiding s*x after the first date, then please kick that though away. The ‘no sex before the third date’ rule goes out the window too. You make the rules! Have sex after the first date, second date, third, or not at all. The choice is yours. 

7. Keep Your Future Aside-

You need to calm down your future thoughts and focus on the present.  Be in your present and enjoy what you two have.

Breezing works primarily on being able to freely express your emotions, so the next time you’re upset, let them know what they did that’s bothering you, instead of reacting like this. 

But unfortunately if the things didn’t work out as you thought them to be, at least you have saved yourself from the ‘Drama’ in the end!


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