All roads lead to Russia!

Football fever is on!!

With lot of pomp and show FIFA world cup 2018 started. Russia for one month will witness the action packed high sports drama.


Naturally, all eyes of the globe are now towards Russia. Watch the ninety minutes high voltage drama every with your favourite teams. Just make a list of the teams which one you are impressed with and which one you are not.



The team of the season ultimate squad is declared. Yes, it includes the impressive players from the best leagues. All 736 players and 32 nations are battling for the highest prize in football.



All eyes on team Germany whether they will still hold their title or we will see a new squad coming up.


We have strong teams from France, England, Spain, Brazil and Argentina all making amends with a stronger show this time.


Another issue for Germany might be who gets the goals. There is no ace predator like Miroslav Klose or Jurgen Klinsmann here, which is why old warrior Mario Gomez is still in contention with Timo Werner and Sandro Wagner. 



There is a tendency to believe Spain is yesterday's men but might they be tomorrow's as well? They still have massive experience and technical excellence, as Italy found to their cost in qualifying.


Argentina must be in debate even if coach Jorge Sampaoli admits he doesn't have enough time to get this team playing exactly the way he likes.


It would be a surprise if the winners came from outside of Germany, Spain, France, Brazil and Argentina.



It promises to be a month filled with lots of adventures and excitement.



Jersey no. 8 is famous as this number is worn by many football legends. Socrates wore the number 8 jersey in 1982, then Dennis Bergkamp in 1998 or Lothar Matthaus, who alternated between wearing 8 and 10 during his glittering international career for Germany.

Let’s check this time too we might see some new faces making history wearing number 8.


Till the grand finale enjoy the battle upto 15th July, which is to be held in Moscow at Luzhnlkl Stadium.

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