RAJASTHAN HERITAGE WEEK 2018- Handmade Will Make You Crazy This Season

Rajasthan has artistic and cultural traditions which reflect the ancient Indian way of life.

To provide a huge platform to the traditional weavers and artisans of Rajasthan, the government of Rajasthan has taken a step as a part of the Textile Development Program. The name of the show is “Rajasthan Heritage Week”. The main motive behind organizing this show was to uphold the weavers and artisans who have tirelessly worked to continue the legacy of our forefathers.

This year’s Rajasthan Heritage Week (RHW) was the third edition of the series.

The grand show was hosted at Diggi Palace in which various designers, models, celebrities and weavers from across the globe, particularly Rajasthan, will showcase their extraordinary designs and creations. This three day show was held from 24th October to 26th October and its proper preparations made this event a huge success. Various photo shoots had been done in previous month at different heritage sites of Jaipur with “Khadi” – Wear theme.

I attended the three days show and what I really loved about it was how the artisans and weavers were provided such a great platform and also how they got the opportunity to increase their source of erning with their extraordinary handmade designs.
Around 20 designers and 15 weavers from all around the globe showcased their creativity on the ramp with handmade creations based on ‘Handmade in Rajasthan’ theme.

Prasad Bidapa was the director of the show. Various designers such as Rajesh Pratap, Rina Thakur, Suket Dheer, Jyothi Sachdeva Iyer including Jaipur based designers like Rohit Kamra, Swati Vijavargiya and Trupti Bhargava showcased their creative handmade designs using kota doriya, khadi and more. Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh’s designs which included Block printing and indigo blue on Rajasthan Khadi with a combination of monsoon trends.

Rajasthan Heritage Week is determined to give khadi and handloom the tag of luxury, which they very rightly deserve. Every piece of fabric woven by hand represents the spirituality of the Fabric of Freedom, a Gandhian philosophy that should now create increased employment, success and a better quality of life for every artisan in our State.

Other than the fashion show, several stalls were also set-up to sell clothes, jewelleries and many other things that handmade or related to Rajasthani culture.

Before the show, many activities were planned in different cities to promote the show on a huge level. Also the promotions were made so that the designer could connect with the media and speak about their designs and unique creations.

This project was conceptualized to benefit the textile artisans of Rajasthan in a manner that would create intervention without interference. I hope that more shows like this should be initiated by the government to promote the Indian textiles and work of Indian designers and artists on both national and international level.


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