Perfect Nail Polish as Per Your Skin Tone

Definitely nail polish is one of the important beauty accessories in a girl’s life.

Ladies it not only makes a style statement about your personality but also completely changes the look of your hands. There is a huge range of colors available in nail polish which makes it even more difficult to choose one.

I would say that play with colors that go well with your skin tone.

There are particular colors that can help your hands stand out. Well who wouldn’t want that? I am not saying to opt for a specific set of colors but there are some colors which you can rely on.    

Today I am gonna tell you about some of the best nail polish colors according to your skin tone.

Get your nails beautifully painted with these nail colors.

1. Nail Polish Colors for Olive or Medium Skin Tones-

Let’s begin with this complexion. Girls who have this skin tone are very lucky as they can carry any color effortlessly. But the colors i.e. GOLD and RUST are not meant for your hands. Try to avoid these colors. Here’s a list of few colors that you can definitely go for…!


Rich shades of red such as BURGUNDY, PLUM or DEEP RED compliments this skin tone so well. Girls with medium skin tone or olive skin tone can never go wrong with these colors. Apply two or three coats of these colors and see how your hands glow!


How about a nice shade of pastel blue or cobalt blue? Olive and medium skin tone girls have a great advantage to go for BLUE color shades. Do give it a shot if you want your hands look more fun yet bold. You can wear pastel blue color during spring or summer season. While, Tidal Wave is stunning cobalt blue that is bright and the perfect amount of loud.


This summer, choose shades of pink that are sheer yet pigmented. For example, coral, rosy pink and peachy pink are some great colors for medium to olive skin tones. Bright neon peachy color is not only flattering but also sexy. You can wear it with casual attires as well in your office as well. Keep your hands subtle and pretty.

2. Nail Polish Colors for Tan Skin Tones-

Amp up your skin tone by opting for shades such as poppy blue, orangish red or vivid purplish color. Summers are just few days away. So you can include these breezy colors in your beauty kit.


The vibrant and edgy ORANGISH RED nail polish looks fabulous against tan skin. Brighten up your dull hands with this color. It is the perfect shade for your summer beach holiday.


The classic eye catching red color is a forever option when it comes to tan skin. Flaunt your hands by painting your nails RED.

Dark colors look great on tan skin tone but too dark colors can also make your hands look shabby. These colors will surely not disappoint you!

3. Nail Polish Colors for Light to Pale Skin Tone-

Have a look at some of the colors perfect for this skin tone…!

Reds, grays, and nudes flatter light skin tones exceptionally well. Here are some colors that you can also try if you have light to pale complexion.


Pastel colors look beautiful and flattering on light skin tones. A retro blush pink pastel color will go well with this skin tone. Also a coffee-inspired, cream finish nail polish is a gray to brown, mid-tone cool taupe is perfect for lighter skin tones.

If you like bold, edgy, and vibrant colors, give these nail polishes a try, and embrace your inner nail polish junkie.


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