Wish To Be A Pro? Then Stop Making These Makeup Mistakes

Just like any other girl, do you too wish to be a makeup pro?

If your answer is yes, then this blog is just for you. Doing the perfect makeup is a dream for every girl, especially when it is a special occasion. Using the CORRECT color foundation as per your skin tone is a task. Right girls! As per the best makeup artists, the easiest way to find a proper match is to pick a few shades and apply a dab of each (in a row) along the jawline.

Are you using wrong and the same makeup brush every single day?

If your answer is YES then it’s time for you to clean your makeup brushes and other makeup products as well. The dirty makeup products can negatively affect your skin because of the harmful bacteria in them.

So, there are perfect makeup tips according to the makeup pro that needs to be followed!

Experts want you to put an end to these common beauty blunders.

Don’t Choose Shimmery Bronzer-

As per the experts, the shimmery bronzer can look messy on your skin. Instead of shimmer, go for matte makeup bronzer to give your complexion a warm as well as more natural-looking, sun-kissed glow sans sparkle.

Unmatched Lip Liner and Lipstick-

A lip pencil when used properly can actually help define your pout and prevent feathering. But as per my observation, wearing darker liner is a massive mistake that will make you look dated and tacky.

The right trick is to use a pencil that matches your lip color and apply it all over your lips. Make this natural look lipstick hue a part of your makeup.

Too Much Powder-

Do you know that using too much powder can enhance flaws and age your face really fast? I would suggest you to use oil-absorbing sheets to absorb that extra powder on your face.

Don’t Overdraw Your Eyebrows-

Well-shaped brows can enhance your facial features! Taking the perfect makeup tips, apply in light strokes and build as you go. An unused mascara brush is great for removing excess and blending. Once you’ve achieved your desired effect, set with a clear brow gel.

Too Light Shade of Under-eye concealer-

Most often, girls choose a very light shade of concealer to hide those dark circles under their eyes. But the reality is that it just ends up giving you those dreaded raccoon eyes. So, always opt for one shade light concealer than your skin to add a brightening effect.


Do you know the right way to apply highlighter? We all want that makeup glow but too much of glow can make you look like a frozen cupcake. Choose a natural highlighter for more subtle effect. Use a fan brush to apply it to tops of your cheekbones, inner corners of your eyes, and along the bridge of the nose for a lifted effect.

Don’t Go for Too Dark Contouring-

Many women fall into the trap of using dark contouring. What you really want is a product that’s two shades deeper than your natural skin color. And, of course, blending is a key to a natural-looking contour.

Stop making these makeup mistakes and become a pro like best makeup artists with these perfect makeup tips!

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