Pocket Friendly Gifts for Your Loved Ones

December Is The Season Of Festivity!

Be it weddings or Christmas, December means the month of JOY. Well, both Christmas and New Year are just few days away. I am sure you must be thinking of sending some lovely best Christmas gifts to your loved ones and relatives who are living abroad. Well, I too am very excited for the two of my favorite coming occasions of 2018. I still don’t have the perfect Christmas gift ideas yet in my mind.

It’s time to be a SECRET SANTA for your loved ones…!

If you’re part of the cool crowd that probably means you’re part of not one, but a couple of Secret Santa scenes. Buying gifts can be a stressful experience and we’re here to help get you through it with maximum ease this jolly season. There are so many things that you can keep in the cart of Perfect Christmas gifts.

best christmas gifts

So to help you out, I have rounded up a cool mix of thoughtful and unique gift items that I would be sending to my close friends and relatives. You can also give these gifts to your boss, your colleagues, your besties and even to your latest crush. All of them are very pocket friendly and will fall just under the price of Rs.2000/-. These best christmas gifts are all available online and at the click of a button.

So keep calm and read on the best Christmas gifts


best christmas gifts

Your friends are lucky that you are their FRIEND. Ditch those normal gifts and go for something different. You can gift your best friend or someone else you are close to this CUSTOMIZED SLIPPERS. In fact you can also go for adorable unicorn slippers which are available in many different colors. This gift can surely make your friend smile Make your friend happy by gifting them these insanely comfortable slippers.

Plus this gift will cost you less as compared to other gift items.


Which of your female bestie doesn’t love JEWELLERY? I am sure every girl does! *wink*

Every girl cherishes accessories, especially Jewellery. But adding a personalized touch to it makes it so much more special. To know that a person took the extra effort to gift you something which was custom made just for you is one of the best feelings in the world.

best christmas gifts

Gift your BFF a jewellery box which includes everything from personalized rings, bracelets and even necklaces. They can be written in different languages, fonts and styles. This is a perfect gift for any lady in your life. 


christmas gift ideas

How about gifting your BFF an ‘Eyeshadow Palette’? The ‘Fortune Favors the Brave palette’ is the best option for you. With 30 generous shades consisting of essential mattes, pressed glitters and shimmers, this makeup palette is super versatile and can be given to anyone who loves makeup. Be it sultry look or subtle glam look, this palette can help you create any look you want. This is a perfect gift for your mom, sister, girlfriend, wife, best friend or colleague.


christmas gift ideas

Don’t forget about your male friend this time! I know it’s quite hard to choose gifts for men, but there is this one gift that will be your SAVIOUR. Shop a gift box for your male bestie which consists of a rejuvenating face wash, a hydrating body wash, a shampoo and a facial cream which has an SPF of 25.

All these given items in the gift box will definitely amp up anyone’s personal grooming routine with style.


perfect christmas gifts

A cocktail shaker is the best gift for those friends who are a frequent party animal or who love to grab a drink more often. They will definitely add this gift in their bar cart.


perfect christmas gifts

Last but not the least, a Marvel Comic for the true Stan Lee lovers is a must to gift. Let’s be honest, we all have friends who are huge fans of SUPERHEROES and all the things associated with them. And a gift like a pretty marvel comic would definitely make their day.

Just like me, you can also take some from these gifts and you must be thinking of send your friends gifts.

All the above-mentioned products are available online, so if you’re late, these are the ideal Christmas gift ideas for you as a SECRET SANTA!



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