Nike Collaborates With Singer Justin Timberlake, Read Further For Deeds!

Nike is known for its best quality of sports and casuals shoes. This American brand keeps the innovation in its every collection by collaborating with various artists. All the merchandises from this brand are fashionable and timeless work of art.

Now Nike has collaborated with pop singer and actor Justin Timberlake again after the popularity of the 2013 “Legends of the Summer” collection.

This new collection is inspired by the song “Higher Higher”, from the singer’s latest album. This new sneaker features the word “higher” on its upper sole. The shoe also features excerpts from the song’s lyrics, printed in the insoles. The left one depicts “fame is a lie” and the right one depicts “stress is cruel”.

The shoe design name is ‘Air Jordan III JTH’ and it would kick-start the market on August 28. The price of the same has not been disclosed by Nike.

What is interesting about Justin’s Air Jordan III JTH is that the fabric in use is of suede instead of the leather. That, too, was inspired by the singer’s latest record.  Justin stated that, “The same way the album is filled with live instrumentation, we wanted the shoe to have the same feeling of being premium and made by hand”. This is a brilliant idea as suede is more comfortable and the shoe is environment friendly.




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