‘New Member’ Arrives in Prince Harry and Meghan’s Family!

Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle have took their marriage a step ahead, as the beautiful couple welcomes a ‘New Member’ into their Royal Fam. Isn’t this exciting…?

But the new member is not a little baby it’s a Dog. Yess… the couple have recently adopted a pet Labrador, coffee brown in colour.

The lab is meanwhile staying with them in the Nottingham Cottage. From the viral picture, one can easily say that the dog is in ‘Happy Space’ and both harry and Meghan are enjoying its company

FYI…the adopted Labrador is also a rescue dog just like the former actress and now Princess Meghan Markle’s first pet dog. Meghan’s first pet is also staying with the Royals in the castle.

Meghan is an animal lover and her love for pets is not new. Even before marrying Prince Harry, she used to help pet animals by rescuing puppies. She already have two pets before this new lab. Markle has a Labrador-Shepherd mix called Bogart and a beagle called Guy. Only Guy (Beagle) is living with her right now.

Both the husband wife shares the same love and attachments with the pets and this makes us admire them even more! Tell us about your views in the comment section below.





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