NEW CAFÉ ALERT! Grab a Plate Of 100% Healthy Organic Super Food

After one of my friend’s suggestion, I went to a new café “COSMO HOF” which has been recently opened in C-scheme, Jaipur. This compact yet pretty space is owned by Priyanshi Patel who also runs an NGO- ‘J&B foundation Trust’. COSMO HOF is the only cafe which is serving the most delicious and 100% healthy organic super food for the very first time in Jaipur.

Owner Priyanshi also told me that this is their first franchise in the India. Their other franchises are located in Israel, UK and Cyprus.

Talking about food, I would definitely say that ‘Avocado Shakes’ at this place would stick to your taste and will make you order for some more. I tasted Falafel wrap and a healthy concept of spirulina for the very first time ever at this place.

You will surely not find such a great variety of food at the other cafes in Jaipur. Exclusive variety of super foods like avocado shake, spirulina, falafel wrap and chef special zuzu are a must try here.

Adding more to the conversation, owner Priyanshi told me that they export avocado from Dubai as it is not easily available in India. From vegetables to dry-fruits every ingredient used at this place is as fresh as the food served by them.

The other thing that excited me more about this place was the ambience. The clean white walls are quite relaxing and peaceful.

Well I would also say that COSMO HOF is the kind of place we’ve been waiting to open in Jaipur.

I would rate this place:


Food- 10/10


Ambience- 10/10


Service- 10/10




Plan a visit to COSMO HOF café with your friends or family to enjoy 100% healthy food and that too from different countries!




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