MINISO- A Perfect Destination for Pocket Friendly Shopping

We all love shopping….Right!

Our lives have been changed a lot with the coming of technology. The internet is definitely changing the way make shopping decision. It is one good reason why traditional malls and shopping centres have facing and have faced a lot of challenges. In short, the rise of the internet is killing physical retail. Online shopping is literally becoming an important part of our lives. How about buying something offline starting at just ?75?

One such example of pocket friendly shopping is fast-fashion retail chain- MINISO.

MINISO is a Chinese brand which is co-founded by designer Miyake Junya and entrepreneur Ye Guofu in Tokyo, Japan, in the year 2013. As a promoter of global “intelligent consumer products”, MINISO is specialized in household and consumer goods such as cosmetics, stationery, toys, and kitchenware. The company is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, under the Chinese company Aiyaya. The brand

has expanded outside of the Chinese market and operates around 2000 stores in continents including Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, American and more. It had plans in 2015 to eventually open 6,000 stores worldwide. MINISO is challenging the physical retail pessimists.

Miniso has definitely created an empire for itself!

Talking about the Indian market of this brand, it made its way to India in September 2017 with its first retail store in Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. The brand has now expanded on a bigger scale with 21 stores in Delhi NCR, 3 in Mumbai and 1 in Bengaluru. If you’ll visit the stores of this chain, you will be greeted by a very humble staff. The stores have a really nice and vibrant ambience with good vibes.

On the other side, the vast variety of environment-friendly and high quality products includes home & kitchenware, stationer, office supplies, storage solution, digital accessories, fashion accessories, skincare products and cosmetics. If you’ve happened to visit the one of the stores, you must have noticed that the products are nominally priced and the collection is updated every month.

One of the hottest selling products at MINISO is the “Water Cube” which is an award-winning design inspired by the natural form of bubbles. The brand takes care of its customer’s needs, managing to do what most online stores cannot provide a great shopping experience to all its customers.

Here’re a few reason why you should go to Miniso store for a really cool shopping experience!

Have you ever imagined sitting on couch and having a chat with kids, or just do random and regular things with the whole family together? Life is about our home and MINISO takes “life" and “family” as the core concepts, designs and develops different series of household and consumer products.

1. As I have already mentioned above, Miniso offers wide range of high quality products at nominal prices. The products are really practical, innovative and budget-friendly. You get items starting from just Rs.75. Isn’t it an ah-mazing deal?

2. From stationery to toys, digital accessories, bags and even the hand towels, Miniso offers the cutest and innovative products to its customers.  

3. The designs of products you will see at Miniso have been highly favoured by all customers. The products undergo rigorous screening before being passed on to go to the display in stores.

4. The newly-launched skincare and cosmetics range at Miniso includes skin toner, aloe vera gel, essential oils, body lotions, body wash, a wide selection of perfumes, makeup remover, serum, eye shadows, pressed powder, lipstick and many more. This list just goes on and on. Girls will surely get crazy at the store.

5. If you want to give your kitchen and home a new look, then MINISO is a perfect destination for you. The kitchenware and cutlery from MINISO is super stylish, uber-cool and highly practical.

Nevertheless, you should decide what’s good to buy from MINISO!

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