Many avatars of RANBIR KAPOOR as SANJU BABA!! TRAILER comes out! 

When one looks at the life of SANJU DUTT aka SANJU BABA of our BOLLYWOOD, it appears as a roller coaster of Turns and Twists!


SANJAY DUTT has always grabbed the limelight for being ‘Good’ by heart; but ‘FLAWED’. KHALNAAYAK or BAD BOY he’s been called by all around; as he’s been into the clutches of DRUGS in the early period of his life; and has been to JAIL also.  Life of our favourite SANJU BABA hasn’t been bed of roses, but entirely a series of unpredicted events, and happenings. 

Lately, we’ve heard much about the BIOPIC based on the life of SANJAY DUTT. Evidently, it created huge curiosities and interests amongst Films enthusiasts; and now the First POSTER and TRAILER comes out. It’s surrounded by more excitement amongst fans, as it’s directed by RAJKUMAR HIRANI, and RANBIR KAPOOR is portraying the leading role.


After a prolonged wait, the official TRAILER has been unveiled. The TITLE of the Film has also been disclosed, which has been cautiously tucked away ever since the Film was announced. It’s been done as a part of promotional strategy, in order to create more buzz. And, now it comes out; it’s SANJU!


Take a look at the POSTER, and you would LOVE it! It pictures Six different avatars of SANJAY DUTT which include the varied shades of his life, depicting the journey from teenage to now. 


You would ADMIRE the TRAILER, when you watch the matchless actor RANBIR KAPOOR playing SANJU. Finally, we are set to watch the glimpses of the much anticipated Film, which is scheduled to release in JUNE.


RANBIR being in the central role, MANISHA KOIRALA would be seen playing the character of SANJAY’s Mother NARGIS. Besides, SONAM KAPOOR would portray love interest of BABA and DIA MIRZA would would play MANYATA DUTT. If reports are correct, ANUSHKA SHARMA is a part of the Film, playing a special role.



Let’s WAIT and WATCH! I loved the TEASER. Did YOU!!

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