Summer is on its high and the royalness of Mangoes is tempting away! 

If you want to go in the mango-licious way! 

Then join the Mango Fest at ‘Zone by the Park’.  It is situated in Bani Park Area, Jaipur.


It has started mango mania fest to dedicated mango-lovers. And that is for whole summer to have those tasty mango dishes.







Chef has designed more than 20 recipes for this ongoing Fest.

Mango has been included into the Main course, Desserts, Drinks, Cake. Menu has got a ‘MANGO THEME’ makeover to its Veg and Non-veg guests. 


Here the guests can dig it, cube it, slice it or simply bite off a bit in mouth watering mango recipes.





I can bet, you would feel the heavenly flavor of different varieties of mango in Mango-lassi, Mango milk Shake, Soya-mango or even Fresh Mango Juice.




There is no end to how to consume this juicy fruit in other JUGALBANDI STYLED cuisine. Chefs have prepared all the cuisine to cater the taste of different age. Even a kid can have the mango variants cakes/desserts. It you are fond of eating Tikkas, Then you must dig on Paneer Aambi Tikka.  It’s like a breath of fresh air with fresh succulent taste. 

With Mango Mania salad , you would feel more fondness towards scrumptious of sweet-sour mangoes.






Tawa Bhindi Kachche aam mango rice with Khhatti Dal is very appetizing. They will tuck your tummy and keep cool the belly inside. This cuisine has all the goodness of Vitamin –C, which you needed the most in summers to beat the heat waves.

It will be more alluring to have the Chilled mango cheese cake. It will just melt in your mouth and will explore the taste-buds with cheese-ness and fresh mango’s succuliciousness.





Try hand on Alfonso Phirni, a traditional rice pudding with Alfonso mangoes. It’s captivating taste will hook you back.  Mango basil smoothie is another characteristic dessert. Its creamyness and sweetness has double impact on your health. It is aptly justified as they are packed with astonishingly amazing nutrient punch.  

Come to the ‘ Zone by the Park’, you would found a new religion and Mango worship!  






Zone by the Park’ has a bar also, called Playa.

You can restore, rejuvenate and revive your appetite with varieties of cocktails and mocktails !

It is a great pick-up time when you’re feeling tired and hungry. 





Move towards the ‘Zone by the Park’, where Mangos are absolute favorite fruit in every season. 

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