Make Your Perfume Last Long In the Hot Weather

Who doesn’t want to smell nice?

The rising temperature can make your perfume evaporate more quickly. The rapid fading of scent occurs due to rise in body heat. Even if you use alcohol based perfume, you might feel the need to reapply the perfume again and again. Don’t you agree with me! When you are surrounded by an unpleasant smell, all you want to do is get away from it.

Summer brings challenges for perfume lovers.

But ensure that you don’t overdo it. Your perfume should not enter a room before you do. I would suggest you to keep the samples of your favorite perfumes in your purse. This will make reapplication of fragrance easy. And if you can't give up perfume, consider using it only at night, leaving the daytime to something much lighter. 

Some people enjoy spritzing their perfume into the air and then walking through it. While this does work, it also lets quite a bit of the fragrance go to waste, so it's not the best method if you're on a budget.

Given below are the ways how to you should choose and wear perfume in the hot summer months.

1. Moisturize your Body-

There are a few tricks to help your fragrance last longer. One of them is moisturizing your body parts where you want to apply perfume. It is to be noted that a scent fades away on dry skin. That is why you should apply fragrance-free moisturizer to your body to keep it long lasting. Petroleum Jelly is one good choice as it locks the scent rather than letting it skin into your pores. This reduces the need to re-applying perfume.

2. Opt for Perfume with Lighter Fragrance-

Choose lighter cologne during summers due to the rise in temperature and body heat both. Instead of perfume you can use a nice lovely scented body moisturizer and soap.

Many of the most popular scents come in lotions and oils.

3. Target Your Pulse Points-

The "pulse points" are locations on the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. Apply your perfume to these pulse points as these points radiate heat. Pulse points in our body are as follows: the inner wrists, the base of the throat, behind ear lobes, in the cleavage, behind knees, and the inner elbows. As you wear your perfume throughout the day, it will react with your body heat and continue to emanate scent.

4. Mist Your Hair-

Perfuming the hair with fragrance is a great way to maintain the fragrance for a longer duration. But remember to apply cologne to the freshly-washed hair else the natural oils will affect the odor. Since perfume contains alcohol and can be drying to your strands, apply it from 2 to 8 inches away.

5. Layer It Up-

Making your cologne last longer is not that difficult. Layering the products one by one will help. For example, first apply scented body gel, then treat your skin with a scented body lotion and end it up with spraying perfume on top. The combination of products will help the fragrance of the scent to extend throughout the day.

6. Know Your Taste-

There are a variety of options available in the market in terms of perfume fragrance. Winters demands for a little bit stronger fragrance while in summer tone down the heavier ones. Choose fresh and natural scents which include citrus, fruity, oceanic, woody, and light floral notes such as peony, jasmine, magnolia, and freesia.

To avoid headache ditch scents with the fragrances such as heavy floral blends, cloying Orientals, patchouli, vanilla and other sweet, syrupy or sugary aromas.

Storage Tips to Extend the Life of Fragrance

1. Much like fine wine, a perfume must be stored properly in order to preserve its scent. Some general rules:

2. Always store perfume in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat. A dresser drawer or a dark closet is a good choice.

3. You may keep perfume in the refrigerator, which may help to extend its lifespan. Be careful, though, not to store it too closely with food products that may absorb its scent, such as butter.

4. Do not keep fragrances in the bathroom, because fluctuating temperatures and high humidity can lead to their deterioration.

5. Evaporation can change the balance of a scent's composition. So to prevent your perfume from this keep perfume bottles tightly closed.


Some fragrances will leave permanent stains on fabrics, metals, and pearls. So applying it directly on your clothes or body, I would ask you to test it on a hidden area of the fabric first and spray lightly. Also always apply perfume before putting on your clothes and jewelry.

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