Last Minutes Hairstyles If You’re Running Late

Do you wake up late almost every time?

You need not to freak out because I am here to help you out. You may have your go-to outfit to slip on during times like these, but what about your hair? No answer! Coming up with a new hairstyle every single day can be quite a mission. You end up just tying your hair up in a ponytail or in a bun. So do you want more hair options that are quick and easy?

Here are incredibly simple hairstyles that will have you looking like you woke up extra-early just to do your hair!


Flower braid hairstyles these days have been modified to their best. You can now even add accessories to your this hairstyle. Here are the steps to follow to make this easy hairstyle!

Step: 1 Gather a section of hair from both sides of your head in line with your temples and put the sections into a small pony in the back. Then, braid the pony down to the ends.

Step: 2 Tug at sections of the braid to loosen it to make it look more voluminous. The blown up edges also help create that flower-petal finish.

Step: 3 Spin the braid around into a bun and pin it securely against your head. You will see a flowery shape after you finish making this hairstyle.


For those of us who were not born with naturally curly hair, we often look at loose curls in wonder. It’s easily one of the most beautiful looks available and we want it. Have a look at the steps!

Step: 1 Gather you hair and make a high ponytail using an elastic rubber band. Now split the ponytail in equal halves.

Step: 2 Wrap the first half over and around a 1-inch curling wand for 10 seconds or less, depending on how easily your hair curls. Repeat with the second half.

Step: 3 Let down your ponytail and separate the curls with your fingers.

You are ready to go!


Step: 1 Twist back a small section of hair from one side of your head and secure it with a pin in the middle of your head.

Step: 2 Repeat the same step on the other side of your head.


This off-duty ballerina bun will make even the most knotted of hair look instantly polished, with very little effort required.

Step 1: Brush hair into a high ponytail, then slip a headband over your hair about an inch back from your hairline. You can also use spray to add volume to your hair.

Step: 2 Twist the length of your ponytail into a bun, and then secure the whole thing with the help of bobby-pins spread around the edges of the bun.

Step 3: Stick either a pencil or the end of a tail comb through the hair on the crown of your head, and gently wiggle up, tugging sections of hair at your roots for added volume.


Give your fine hair an easy upgrade that won't fall flat.

Step 1: Twist a one-inch piece of hair near your temple away from your face.

Step: 2 Secure the twist with a bobby-pin placed diagonally at an angle, and then slide a second pin over the first to create an X-shape.


Step: 1 Separate your hair into two sections and braid one side down to the ends.

Step: 2 Braid the other side down to the ends.

Step 3: Discreetly pin the braids together with bobby pins to create one intricate-looking braid and secure with elastic at the end. Wrap the elastic with a piece of hair to hide it.


You can master these cute curly hairstyles in just a handful steps and with just a few bobby pins and hair ties. Your natural curls can take even the most basic style like side swept hairstyle. These side-swept curls are perfect for everything from a wedding to a brunch date with your girls.

Step: 1 Make side partition in your hair and then twist one side hair. Tug them with the help of a bobby pin.

Step: 2 Leave the rest of the hair loose.


You can achieve this red carpet hairstyle by following in just quick and easy steps.

Step: 1 Use a small boar-bristle brush to blow dry your hair smooth and back at the crown of the head to add volume.

Step: 2 After all your hair is straight, back-brush your hair at the front hairline and at the crown to create volume.

Step: 3 Then smooth the top back with a fine-tooth comb, molding and shaping to create the amount of height you would like. 

Step: 4 Blow dry the sides Pin back the sides of your hair using no-crease clips and keep the top volumized.


Step 1: Twist the bang section of your hair back and away from your face about 3 inches.

Step: 2 Insert a bobby pin into your hair with the ends toward your face to conceal the pin.

I hope you liked this blog. From the given hairstyles tell me which one of these hairstyles are you gonna try!

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