Ladies! Get Your Foot into the Best Travel Shoes 

It is really a tough task to choose the best kind of shoes while travelling. Before going for shopping, you must focus on the comfort level of your foot. If you are not sure about picking the best shoe for yourself then be ready with a versatile pair that would stand the tasks of walking, running and more. The very first thing you should consider is your travel destination.

Making your task easy, here are a few things to keep in mind while selecting the best shoes for travel.

For the city travel- You would need shoes that are comfortable to walk in. One of the best options for you is a sandal. It can be light, durable and breathable too. It is suggested not to wear ‘ballet flats’ for long hours of travelling within the city.

The travelling shoes for city walking would be those made with rubber soles. But do remember to wear small socks with your walking and travelling shoes.

Trekking And Hiking Boots Or Shoes- The hiking shoes must have soles that are 100 percent ridged. This will provide your foot from injuries.

Second best option for hiking and trekking is ‘ankle boots’. Boots do not allow the ankle to twist when you experience uneven grounds. But importantly, the fabric should be breathable and choose a bigger foot size. It is suggested not to buy them online.

Beach Shoes-

Women most likely wear ‘flip flops’, however, it can make you slip causing you injury. Wearing supportive sandals with straps would be best for the beach. They should be made from plastic and should be robust. The sole of the travel shoes for the beach should be thick.

Steps to follow before choosing travel shoes:

Walk few steps! If your feet would not move towards the front easily after you have tied the shoe laces well. Then opt to buy another pair because these would give you trouble.

Now, walk down a few steps of stairs with the same shoes. Check the heel lift and if the shoe heel are being lifted off the insoles for more than one eight of an inch, you could end up with feet full of blisters.

Its time to replace your walking shoes if you have worn them too many times.

Robust but cute walking shoes, would last longer than shoes that are stylish and dainty. Heavier people have lesser miles to walk in shoes than lighter people; this is irrespective of how robust the shoe is or what shoe type is chosen, say podiatrists and shoe experts.

We hope this mini guide on how to pick stylish walking shoes for travel, robust shoes and walking shoes comes in handy. Do write in and let us know your thoughts on the same.


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