Known about the 8 Prominent Gates of Jaipur’s Old City!

Many readers show a great interest in the architecture and its elements of Jaipur city. Apart from its rich culture and royal heritage, Jaipur is also famous for the old city gates which are also known as Jaipur gates. Jaipur city wall was an essential part of old Jaipur or walled city planning by Maharajah Sawai Jai Singh II- founder of Jaipur. These gates marked the outer periphery of Jaipur city as laid out by Maharajah Sawai Jai Singh II during the founding of this city in 1727 AD. Initially, the city was protected by 8 gates in all four directions.

So today’s blog is all about the old city gates which were entry and exit points from Jaipur in the earlier times. Know more about these gates of the city:


Jorawar Singh Gate-

Situated on the Northern boundary of Jaipur, “Jorawar Singh Gate” is the gateway to Jaipur from Delhi. Earlier it was known as ‘Druv Gate’ where Druv means Pole Star. Jorawar Singh Gate is widest among all old city gates in Jaipur. The secondary gates on either side are also quite wide which reminds us of its importance for the city. If you’re driving down to Jaipur from Delhi via Amer town, you’ll pass through this gate.


Surajpole or Suraj Pol Gate-

This gate got the name Surajpole because it marks the direction of sunrise. Suraj stands for sun in English. Located on the Eastern periphery of the walled city of Jaipur, Surajpole gate leads to the Galta Gate, which connects to the Galta Temples (famous by the name of Monkey Temple among the foreign tourists).

The very famous Sun temple or Surya Mandir is situated close by on the hills. This gate only has one secondary gate.


Sanganeri Gate or Shiv Pol-

This prominent gate will lead you to the most famous Bazaar of Jaipur i.e. Johari Bazaar. It is called Sanganeri Gate because it is opened to the road leading to Sanganer Town which is famous for the Jaipuri prints or Sanganeri prints. Sanganeri Prints refer to fabric famous for organic colors as well as unique motifs created using the block printing technique. This gate also marks the south direction of the old walled city of Jaipur. Sanganeri Gate’s architecture comprises of beautiful floral motifs.

Ghat Gate linking Agra Road with the Ramganj Bazar.

Ghat Gate or Ram Pol-

Earlier it was known as Ram pol but later it got the name Ghat Gate as this gate leads to the Ghat area i.e. Purana Ghat. It is one of the least important gates of the walled city. Ghat gate marks the south direction of the old walled city of Jaipur. Located at Agra road, it too has a single secondary gate.


Ajmeri Gate/ Kishan Pol-

Kishanpole is also known as Ajmeri Gate. The reason behind its name was that this gate opened up on the road leading to the town of Ajmer. Ajmeri gate marks the south direction of the old walled city of Jaipur. Its architectural design follows a popular architecture of a large size primary door in the center and smaller secondary doors on either side.

Chandpole Gate- 

Chand means moon in english. Since the Moon is associated with the west direction, this gate was called Chandpole or Chand Pol. Chandpole Gate marked the western limit of the walled city of Jaipur. This gate is located on the same axis as Suraj Pol. Both gates marks either ends of the walled city and they are connected by a major arterial East-West road. Bazaar surrounding this gate is called Chandpole Bazaar. You will find a very popular temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman just next to this gate.

Samrat Gate-

Samrat Gate is in the Brahampuri area which is also close to Jorawar Singh Gate. This gate is situated on the north-west section of the walled city, providing access to Brahampuri area. In some of the old records, it is also referred as Brahma Pol.

Gangapole / Ganga Pol Gate-

Located close to Jorwar Singh Gate, “Gangapole Gate” is not so famous but a very popular heritage hotel by the name of Samode Haveli is located close to the Gangapole gate.  

Every gate is different from one another in terms of architecture but all these gates are bound by a common design of floral motifs and color. Undoubtedly these old city gates remind us of the rich architecture legacy of yesteryear.

I hope this blog has increased your interest in the architecture orfJaipur city.

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