Know About The Korean Beauty Technique Of "Half Bath"

Korean skincare is taking over the whole beauty world. After introducing so many skin care techniques, Korean market is back with another skin care method which is the "Half bath". Yes! You heard it right. This technique comes up with the promise of boosting your skin health in several ways. 



Koreans can change even the simplest of your morning routines in one heck of a beauty routine and, mind you, it will always be fruitful. 

Your blood vessels carry much-needed oxygen and nutrients that are vital for your skin cells functioning and health. Proper blood circulation helps in removing the toxins and thus radiate you skin. Half bath is like a spa and it also improves the the complexion of your skin.



For this, you have to first fill a bathtub with lukewarm water. You can also add essential oil in water along with some sea salt to enhance the experience and intensify the detoxification. Now submerge your half body in water without getting your upper body wet.  



Do this process for atleast 45 minutes straight. After you are done with your half-bath session, rinse your already-relaxed body with some cool water to finish off. The temperature difference between the top and bottom halves of the body will boost circulation. And this natural process of bathing will help in getting rid of all the harmful toxins from your skin.

To re-create this at home, settle into a shallow bath, keep your hands dry, grab a book, and get a rejuvenating session!


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