In a candid conversation with VISHAL THAKUR.

VISHAL is a Full - Time TRAVELLER, for whom Travelling is 'Journey' and 'Destination' both!! Let's get to know what keeps him wandering sans any boundaries!


1. How do you see TRAVELLING in Life?

Travelling is exploring! I look at travelling as a mode to meet new people, taste varied kinds of food, and to know about different sort of living habits. For me, travelling is to experience new cultures and beliefs, and the most significant thing is to exchange thoughts, and thus get introduced to unexplored sides of life. Travelling enriches me!

2. What CHANGES did Travelling bring to your attitude / approach towards life?

Actually, I don't look at my ‘Dreams’, and ‘Goals’ differently! Both are similar for me. Travelling has changed my way of thinking and attitude towards living life, andnow I’m living a very relaxed life. Though it doesn't mean that I’ve become a careless person, but it taught me well to handle situations. After travelling for years now, now I feel myself prepared to encounter any sort of unfavourable circumstances. It asserts that one should never underestimate himself / herself, to do whatever he / she has dreamt of!

3. When did you START to Travel?

I've started travelling from my graduation days. I never missed any chance to travel and now I'm travelling every month to different destinations. Sometimes, I go for ‘Solo’ travelling, and sometimes I go with different groups / people.

4. What has been your most CHALLENGING TREK / TRIP till now?

Recently I've been to PIN – PARVATI PASS Trek, where we [with my friend] had to witness very rough season. It was snowfall all there. The most challenging thing was to pitch the tent, because we didn't find any place for the purpose. Eventually, we got a man-made cave, which was used by shepherds, and we spent the entire nightsomehow. Next morning, to add to our surprise, we witnessed pug marks of snow beer outside! THRILLING it was!

 5. Which has been your FAVOURITE TRIP till now?

During the month of July, I went to KINNER - KAILASH Trek. I enjoyed it the MOST hitherto! It’s been my favourite, for I travelled there alone, and met many trekkers from different states of the country. In fact, some of them turned to be my good friends also. One more interesting thing, I pitched my tent at PARVATI KUND, which is just below the popular KINNER – KAILASH – SHIVLINGA. I still can feel the sounds of stone falling during the whole night. It was an adventurous night!

6. Do you see CAREER / PROFESSIONAL potential in travelling in Future?

For me, travelling is passion, but to travel more I do need money. Hence,

I'm going to pursue it as my profession. Travel and Tourism, especially ‘adventure travel’ has much scope. People in India, especially youth are feeling highly inclined towards such tours. In India, people are much interested, but they don't have ample of knowledge and platforms to go for it! Nowadays, they can go for the wonderfulexperiences of such activities like Trekking, Camping, Paragliding, and other kind of thrilling sports.

7. What TRIPS you’re planning to make now? Are you going to take people for TRAVELLING, professionally?

Now the winter season is about to start, and hence, I've a scheduled for winter treks      and road trips to Spiti, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand. Many people have expressed interest in these treks, through social media platforms, and other ways. Therefore, I'm going to organize several trips for them, other than my personal trips.

8. What are your PLANS? Please share about your VIDEO CHANNEL and such activities.

For next year I've a plan to go for more adventurous treks! I’m planning to travel in Uttrakhand, Ladakh and Nepal, in approaching days. Yes, I’m running a YouTube channel named HEAVEN RIDERS INDIA, which is for my Video Blogs to be posted. You can visit my blog, and share your experiences by commenting, or by writing in the comments section. Evidently, I wish my blogs to reach greater number of people.

9. What do you think about the changing / growing aspects towards TRAVELLING in INDIA?

It’s a wonderful phase for travel – lovers and enthusiasts indeed! In India, travellers are experiencing the best of the time because India is the safest and best country to travel. Besides, India draws attention from people of foreign countries as well, because we have everything here like Himalayas, Sea, Desert, Cold Desert, Green Meadows, and it makes visitors inclined to travel here!

10. What TIPS / SUGGESTIONS, you would give to new travellers? Please Suggest.

Firstly, I would advise to the new travellers - Please don’t travel by putting your life at risk. When travellers go to remote / unexplored places and destinations, they must do appropriate homework before heading to any such tours. Ask tourism desk or local authorities about your itinerary, best time to visit, and take such pieces of information.

Don't go alone to such remote locations / treks, where risks of wild animals are involved. Do work on budget, and monetary aspects. That shouldn’t be left undone. You must be physically prepared for the trek, and if you don’t find yourself fit for that, consult the expertise and get trained.

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