Here Is The Reason Why Kriti Sanon Is Slammed?

‘Bareily Ki Barfi’ actress Kriti Sanon has been recently shot for Cosmopolitan India's August issue. But unfortunately the actress is being slammed from netizens. The reason behind this is that she has posed with a live-size giraffe for the magazine. A picture of Kriti Sanon has been shared by the magazine's official Instagram account, in which she can be seen in a black high-neck top paired with silver tassle trousers and black stilletos. She is also posing with a giraffe that appears to be suspended in the air. 

Just after the post, people started bashing the photo for its animal-offensive content. One of the users commented on the pic saying, "Such a shame! You guys are so shameless. Talking about atrocities while portraying animal cruelty in the name of fashion."

After getting slammed, Cosmopolitan India added a note in the caption of the picture:  "Aynhoe Park features taxidermy, hundreds of years old, most from museums. Taxidermy is the art of preserving an animal that died of natural causes, for academic purposes. The giraffe featured here is floating (not hanging, heavens no!) with balloons on its back. An art installation, in what is possibly one of the eclectic yet most majestic mansions in the world."

"Cosmo loves, no, is obsessed with animals. We were, possibly, the first magazine in India to ban the featuring of fur, three years ago. No animals were harmed before, during, or after this shoot. We may be guilty of watching too many puppy videos during work hours, though," they added.


Kriti also responded to the controversy saying “It was a normal photo-shoot in a palace kind of hotel in London; the decor was in the wildlife zone. It’s all fake. I am an animal lover.”



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