One of the most beautiful features of a human’s body is the “Hair”. Hair takes very long time to grow out and chopping your hair is not the ideal solution.

So it is better to get a hair makeover by dying them in a new colour. It not only gives you the opportunity to play with your looks but also do not affect the length of your hair. And the best part is that you can choose any colour in the spectrum to have as a hair colour these days.

But for a safe side, try to get your hair colour done by a professional. This will come at a cost but if you can maintain your hair colour, you might be able to make the most of the money you spent on your hair colour.

Well I am here to help you out. Today I will share quite a few hacks about making your hair colour last longer. Read this blog!

Do Not Shampoo Right Away-

It takes minimum 24 hours for your hair colour to get settle into your hair. The dye keeps working for the next few hours even after your colorist has washed your hair. But I would suggest you not to shampoo your hair after you go home. Otherwise it will lead in fading of the hair colour. So, on the day of the hair colour, resist the temptation to use a shampoo and just use cold water to run through your hair if you still want to wash it.

Use the right Shampoo and Conditioner-

There are so many hair products in the market but I request you to use the ones specialized for coloured hair. Even better, asks your hair stylist to suggest the ones best suited for your hair type and should be sensitive to your scalp.

Say ‘NO’ to Hot water baths-

Hair is more prone to get damaged by hair color. Switch to lukewarm or cold-water baths which is great for your mane, doesn’t affect the colour and is refreshing too.

Oil Your Hair-

One of the desi ways to maintain your hair colour is ‘oiling’. Use lukewarm coconut oil to massage your hair once a week as it helps in improving the blood circulation from the scalp to your hair tips. It also keeps a check on your hair colour.


Do Not Use Heat Styling Products-

Almost every woman love straight hair but do you know the level of damage done by hair straighteners, curlers or dyers? Excessive use of these products is a big no for your hair colour.  

Protection from Pollution-

Invest in a SPF proof hair spray to protect your hair from sun. You can also wear a hat/ scarf or tie your hair while travelling to avoid harsh winds that tangle them up.

Brush it up-

Look for one with a mix of boar bristles and nylon fibers, which will protect your hair and its color by distributing the scalp's natural oils over the entire shaft, explain Darling. A quality brush plays a key part in keeping hair healthy and your color looking its best.


Pump Up Your Conditioner-

Jojoba oil is closest to the oil the scalp naturally produces. Make a quick mask by adding a drop or two to your regular conditioner to ramp up hair's moisture level and color retention power.


So, no more resisting, go ahead and colour your manes with the ever-so-famous unicorn shades.



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