Gulab Ji Chaiwala- One Best Spot for Tea Lovers This Season!

Known as the Pink City or Gulabi Nagari of Rajasthan- ‘Jaipur’ is famous for its diversity and rich legacy. This city gives the feel of Raja-Maharajas era. All across the globe, Jaipur is popular for its lovely people, colorful festivals, and rich traditions and most importantly it’s mouthwatering food.

The monsoon season has made its entry and the one thing that everybody looks out for is a cup of sizzling hot tea. Undoubtedly, the ‘Gulab Ji Chaiwala’s’ is one of the oldest spots to take sip off Gulabi Nagri’s refereshing- Chai!



Owned by Gulab Singh Ji Dheerawat chaiwala, this tea shop is located right opposite Ganpati Plaza on MI Road. During the earlier days, owner Gulab Ji used to serve tea on a wheel-cart. But the unique and fresh taste of the tea became a huge craze among the people of Jaipur. After getting positive response from the people, Gulab ji decided to start a shop in Jaipur at MI Road. It’s been some 70 years since this shop has been started.

In fact the Jaipur’s erstwhile royal family member, late Shri Bhawani Singh Ji also had special love for the Gulab Ji’s Chai. Not only localites, many popular politicians, actors and celebrities have visited Gulab Ji Chaiwala to have their refreshing tea.



Not only masala chai, but the tea lovers can also taste the relishing muska bun samosa, samosa bun and crispy kachori. Gulab ji also provide home delivery to the many areas of the city. Even asked many times, Gulab Ji has kept the recipe of their tea recipe from everyone.

Just like any other person, Gulab ji also believes in one superstition that you should not interrupt anyone by calling from behind when they’re going somewhere. Following this superstition till now, he never calls any customer from behind even if he or she has forgotten to. It must be strange for you but not for Gulab Ji.

Gulab Ji’s day starts with a good dead every morning! He serves his special masala chai and bread to the needy, disabled or hungry people without charging any penny. After this also, he never compromises on the quality of the food he serves.


‘Gulab Ji Chaiwala’ also owns a stall at the Masala Chowk- street food hub of Jaipur. Here you can find all the best and famous street food stalls all across Jaipur.

Gulab Ji Chaiwala is one of the must try street foods in Jaipur, especially this monsoon season!  

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