Go Pro for Your Date Night Makeup

Hey Beautiful Ladies!

Valentine’s Day is gone but few love birds must have plans of post Valentine’s Day date. Girls I am sure you all have decided your outfit for the special evening. But have you made up your mind what kind of makeup you'll be wearing  on your special night?

There is no average date-night look!

Some people opt for a bold and striking look while others take a subtle, low-key approach. If you're preparing for a fancy candlelit dinner than go for a bold look but if you are going out for a brunch date then try to keep your makeup minimal.  

Just follow few steps one by one and I can assure you he won’t be able to take his eyes off of you.*wink*

Sometimes we need some inspiration in terms of makeup by looking at other people's go-to beauty looks. It not only inspires us to be creative but also makes us try something new and unique.

Woo your guy at your date night by following these makeup tips-

Step 1: Begin with your eyes!

emaiEYES are that feature of a girl’s face which every guyz finds most attractive. Get rid of your “I haven’t slept in three days” face as it can turn your guy off. Start using a good eye cream to decrease the puffiness of your eyes and dark circles. This will help you halfway.

Now begin with your makeup. You can either keep it glossy or smokey. A glossy eye makeup can increase the beauty of your eyes if paired with dewy highlight. I would suggest you to use Mac's Face Gloss all over the eyelid to get that lit look.

Remember when we were talking about that fancy candlelit dinner scenario? This is the perfect look for you.

Step 2: Upside-Down Eyeliner!

Don the bold blue liner upside-down eye on your lower lash lines. Upside down makeup is still one of the big trends. My favorite "underliner" to use is the by Terry Stylo Blackstar Waterproof Eye Pencil in Aqua Mint.

Step 3: Shimmery Eyelids!

You don’t need complicated products or techniques to make your eyes pop. Just keep it simple! Choose a creamy shadow base and add a powder over top for virtually waterproof staying power. Go for my favorite rose gold base. Use your ring finger to apply from the lash line up into the crease, blending out. Then apply a shimmery bronze shadow using a medium to large eye shadow brush. In the end, apply a lighter bronze shimmer on the brow bone just underneath the eyebrow to highlight.

Sprinkling glitter on your eyelids is one way of leveling up your signature cat-eye for a date night. Keep the rest of your makeup subtle by pairing your glitter eye with a chic, nude lip.

Step 4: Voluminous Eye-Lashes!
To make your eyes stand out, take mascara like L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara. Apply two or three coats for well-defined and jet-black eyelashes. You can also use fake eyelashes if you don’t want to go for mascara.

For fluttery, flirty glances across the table, curl your lashes and then load up on the mascara by applying several coats, letting each one dry in between.

Step 5: Pump Up Your Face!
Are you too tired of caked makeup? Well you don’t have to worry anymore. Dewy makeup is just for you. Start by add a drop of your favorite moisturizer to a liquid foundation that matches your skin tone, then blend all over your face with your fingertips.

Step 6: Highlighter!
‘Highlighting’ is the current favorite trend of makeup experts. Highlight your facial features such as nose, forehead and upper cheekbones. Apply above the outer part of the eyebrow and along the upper cheekbones in a V formation and then blend outward.

Step 7: Glossy Lips!
Every perfect date should end with a kiss, so make sure that your lipstick is guy-friendly. *wink*Go for soft colors like rose pink or nude lips. These colors not only mimic the natural color in your lips but also keep them soft and subtle.

If you still want your lips pop out then nothing can look better than bold berry lips. Dark lip shades works all year round but especially in winters. 


No-Makeup Makeup

You can never go wrong with a no-makeup makeup look. Sometimes our favorite thing to do is brush up our brows, dab on a little concealer and run a mascara brush through our lashes. You are ready to GO!


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