Go BOHO This With These Accessories

Jewellery is equally important as the clothes we wear, or the hairstyle we choose, for making a statement among the crowd.

Are you thinking of going BOHO this Festive Season?

Before you opt for this fashion trend, you should have some knowledge about where it came from? This uber chic and feminine fashion trend became popular during the 60’s and 70’s era. It reflects the nature of love, and a free spirited attitude of an individual’s personality.

Boho accessories

This mainstream trend of 60’s included elements like flowy silhouettes, hand-crafted jewelry, a penchant for mixing and matching, quirky color combos, and layering.

The BOHOEMIAN CULTURE came back in the trend in the year 2003 by supermodels Kate Moss and Siena Miller. Today the mix of hippie and bohemian influences jewelry is the trademark of festival goers and sophisticated metropolitan women. It not only adds the finishing touch to any hipster-style outfit but also make you stand out amongst the crowd.

The boho jewelry goes well with loose fitting cotton dresses and ethnic print tunics. Finish your look with the right accessories, like bags, hats, scarves and shoes; plus, of course, the perfect pieces of jewellery.

There are so many types of BOHO JEWELRY. Have a look and choose one as per your choice.


Boho accessories

A true bohemian has great treasures of EARRINGS. There are so many varieties of colourful boho earrings such as danglers, studs, drop earrings etc. Choose as per your choice.


Boho accessories

A true boho fan must have a huge collection of BOHO jewelry. So take out those different sizes rings each of different color and show them off at a day outing with your friends. Go BOLD!

Necklaces and Bracelets-

trending boho accessories

The BOHO jewelry includes thick chokers and bracelets. This jewellery also feature shells are popular which can be worn to casual ocean side events or on the beach itself. Some pieces feature real feathers, while others have designs inspired by them. Layering necklaces especially with animal charms are another aspect of boho theme.

trending boho accessories

If you are not afraid of mixing up your accessories then layering jewelry is just for you. The layering necklaces go perfectly well with plunge necklines. For example, if you are wearing a dress then team up a long chain pendant and a short think necklace to cover the deep neck of your dress. You can also follow a particular theme with all similar colours or materials.

party wear accessories

Wrap chokers are also a good option for you. The simple yet dramatic pieces really embody the essence of a bohemian look.

Body Chains-

Show off your bare skin with these delicate and chunky body chains. If you are wearing skin revealing outfits then add a body chain to your look.


party wear accessories

Why should your hands, ears and neck get all the attention? Make a statement by opting for a boho anklet to decorate your foot. From jeweled barefoot sandals to toe rings and ankle bracelets, there are so many options available in the market.

Fringes and Tassels-

party wear accessories

To add a unique touch to your outfits or jewelry, buy fringes and tassels. The fringes and tassels can mainly designed for bags and clothing.

Arm Cuffs-

Arm cuffs are also one good option to add in your BOHO list.

I am sure that you don’t need any other reason to go for shopping. Add some wonderful pieces in your wardrobe this festive season.



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