Get Your Coffee Serve With A ‘Selfie’ In This New Restaurant !

Have you ever seen a coffee mug with a portrait on it? It may sound strange in the beginning, but there is a restaurant which serves selfies commemorates coffee. Situated in Mumbai there is a café named “Selfiecinno”. It is one of its kinds of restaurant in in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai that offers what no other restaurant in the country has on the menu, the option of having your own portrait on the coffee.

Being a part of the generation who loves to take selfies you must visit this place once. It doesn't matter if you're a 20-something social media manager at a snazzy startup company, or a 16-year old teen aimlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed, ‘Selfiecinno’ is a place just for you!


Coffee is something that keeps us fresh and going the whole day. May it be through a Monday morning presentation or endless gossip sessions with our girl gang at the nearest cafe ‘Selfiecinno’ give us memories to cherish for life.


Either it’s a selfies at birthday parties, at weddings, in cinema halls, at work, in school, in your bathroom, in cars, planes, and trains, and nearly every other location you could think of, you could combine your love for caffeine and selfies into one drink that's truly one of a kind.

It definitely sounds appetising, doesn't it? Say hello to #Selfiecinno restaurant and taste a huge variety of 50 different items laid out on the menu, such as Bubble Waffles, Churros, Milkshakes, Thick shakes, and Freak shakes. Not only selfies but you can also get your very own customized message designed on your coffee instead.


According to the owner and CEO of the restaurant, Mr. Jesal Desai, “This option of having your portrait, or personalized message, on your coffee, is the result of our successful acquiring of the technology, which we had been trying to get for a very long time but the execution and implementation were big challenges”.

Mr. Desai also stated that this technology has been used for the first time in India. “Only two countries in the world possess this technology so far,” he further added.


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