Get The Space Princess Look With This ‘Galaxy Eye Makeup’!

Social media site, ‘Instagram’ is one of the best sources to know about the latest fashion trends. The current beauty trend on Instagram is the shimmery ‘Galaxy Eye Makeup’ which is done by upgrading the tried-and-tested smokey eye look.

This unique make up hack is taking the eye makeup to a new horizon. This hottest makeup trend that is currently ruling the internet!

Things you need to get this look-

Black eyeshadow base


Eyeshadow in colors like beige, blue, black, white and lime green

Black mascara

Black eyeliner

Eyeshadow brushes

Little water

Step to follow-

Start your make up on a nude face! 

Now apply some black eyeshadow with the help of an eyeshadow brush. 

Cover the black base with any matte black eyeshadow.

Now put a thin rim on the lower eye lid after covering the whole black base with an eyeshadow.

Use the beige shade to tone down the edges of the black eyeshadow.

It’s time to wet your eye shadow brush and dip the brush a little bit in a blue eyeshadow.

Apply small spots of the blue eyeshadow on the black upper lid. Blemish it instead of making perfect circles.

Try two different combinations on both the eyes to make them look unique.

Now it’s time to put a small amount of purple eyeshadow on the upper eyelid.

Do the upper step just next to the blue blemish!

Now, use lime green color to mix the already applied colors towards the end.

No galaxy is complete without stars. So take some white eyeshadow to make stars in your galaxy eye makeup.

In order to create stars, wet the white eyeshadow and create little white dots to get the starry look.


You can also add planets to your eye makeup to make it more attractive and sensual.

Complete your look by applying dark black eyeliner. You can also put fake eye lashes to highlight the eye makeup.




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