Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Without Washing It!

Every woman hates it when their hair becomes oily, sticky and greasy in less than 48 hours. And washing hair every second day can make them look too brittle and hard. So, hair problem is one of the biggest concerns of every girl. Providing a solution to your problem, we have find out some of the best ways to get rid of greasy and damaged hair without washing them every day.



Say Hello to Hand Sanitizer!

Well you must be surprised to hear that using some hand sanitizer on your hair can be really helpful. Pour a little amount of hand sanitizer in your palms and rub your hands together. Now, gently work the product to your roots and scalp. The alcohol content in it tends to absorb the oil giving it an instant lift to your roots.



Blotting Paper!

Blotting paper can be used on the roots of your hair as well. It helps in absorbing excess oil, dirt as well as product on your scalp.



Use Paper Towel!

Instead of using blotting paper, you can opt for paper towel. Pour a bit of hand sanitizer on it and dab the paper on your roots and strands. It will act as an oil absorber present in your hair scalp!


Baking Soda!

There are so many benefits of baking soda. One of the benefits can be seen on your hair. Sprinkle a pinch of baking soda on your roots and massage it well into your scalp. Now, wipe the powder off after 10-15 minutes.



Dry Shampoo!

When you're on-the-go, a bottle of dry shampoo can prove to be very handy. Spray your mane with it twice a day and you're locks and roots will instantly feel fresh and clean.



Blow Dry Your Hair!

Blow dry is not only meant for wet hair. You can use it on dry hair too! Apply the product to your strands and immediately begin to blow dry. Spray your strands with perfume the next time it feels greasy. You see, most perfumes contain alcohol which absorbs and evaporates dirt, dust and alcohol.

We hope that all the above given solutions would be beneficial for you!


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